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  • 20 Chic Fittings To Choose From for Your Next Bathroom Remodeling


    Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodeling

    A luxurious bathroom designed with architectural brilliance can surely give an aesthetic appeal to any house. If you have been thinking about renovating your house, there are multiple bathroom remodeling ideas that can give a completely different look to your house. Bathrooms should always be a priority while remodeling houses, as it is a matter of safety, and also ensures better well-being in a household.

    However, remodeling any part of your house is a hectic and confusing task. There will be a lot of work going on, your house would feel incomplete for the whole duration of the process, and more importantly, any decision you make regarding the design of your house wouldn’t seem content. This certainly doesn’t change for the bathroom remodeling ideas too. Deciding whether or not you need a particular fitting for your bathroom can be daunting. We’ve gathered 20 chic fittings, which would be very useful for your bathroom remodeling ideas and also go well with any kind of design.

    Luxurious Bath Tub

    Bath Tubs are fittings that can add a stylish look to your bathroom and at the same time provide luxury and comfort of the highest order. With a luxurious bathtub in your bathroom, you can take long, relaxing baths after a hectic day at work. The value of your house goes up with a bathroom that contains a ravishing bathtub.

    Windows Close to your Bathtub

    There are a lot of noteworthy things about taking bath in a big, spacious bathtub, and the best of those things is a view. Especially if you are in one of those apartments that are a few floors above the ground, the view from your bathtub will be impeccable and would make each bath of yours a memorable and exciting one.

    Hidden Tank Toilet

    You could save up enough space and provide an innovative look to your toilet by hiding the flush-water tank. If the tank is hidden behind the walls, it can give your bathroom a modern look. And if you are remodeling your bathroom, it is better to get low flow model flush tanks, as water has become a priority in today’s age, and saving it up would mean a lot for both your household and the world.

    2-Inch Plumbing Drain Pipes

    The drainage system of your bathroom is also very important. A 1½ or 1¼ inch drain pipes are prone to get clogged easily, especially at a house with many people. This is why getting a 2-inch drain pipe can be very convenient. Even though it is an invisible improvement or fitting to your bathroom and doesn’t affect your design, the quality of your drainage system will be supreme.

    Shower Section

    Getting a separate section with an attached door and curtain for your showers can offer a sumptuous look to your bathroom. The glass doors along with the small and textured shower tiles can make your bathroom appear stylish and rich. If you do not have a separate section for your showers, you should definitely get one.

    Medical Cabinet

    Safety is a very important aspect to consider while remodeling your bathroom. It is always better to have a quality medical cabinet with enough supplies in it. The maintenance of the medical cabinet in your bathroom is also vital. So, ensure to fill in the supplies whenever the cabinet is about to be empty.

    Well-Plumbed Rain Pipes

    Having a luxurious bathroom isn’t just about how modern or stylish your bathroom looks. The water supply and draining systems have to be perfect, and for that, you would definitely require well-plumbed rain pipes. Heavy rains can cause to clog up the underlying pipes, which might result in your pipes cracking up. So, if you get high-quality, well-plumbed rain pipes, you wouldn’t have to worry about your pipes or water supply while having a relaxing bath.

    Textured Tiles

    Another critical element that can offer an aesthetic appeal to your bathroom is the kind of tiles you use to floor your bathroom. There are multiple options when it comes to choosing tiles for your bathroom from glass to granite. But for the shower section, textured tiles are a better choice because they provide extra grouting to ensure that you do not slip while the floor in your shower section is soapy and wet.

    Good Lighting

    The stylish look you give your bathroom after you remodel would look even more appealing with excellent lighting. Lights around the mirror can be very useful. Also, it is better to have lights inside the shower section rather than around it, for both safety and style. Sometimes, you wouldn’t require as much light, so getting a dimmer for the lights can also be ideal.

    Powder Room

    Separate powder rooms inside your bathroom would make it look much bigger and spacious. Powder rooms are mandatory in luxurious bathrooms, as it can’t get any grander than having a separate vanity along with a sink. Painting the entire room along with the walls can give an alluring appearance to the entire space.

    Chevron Rug

    Rugs are a must in any bathroom. But if you are remodeling your bathroom into an artful and innovative one, it is better to get a chevron rug. The higher the number of knots per square inch, the better your rug. So, check out the knots before getting a colorful rug for your bathroom.

    Luxurious Bench

    A private and stunning bathroom should definitely include a luxurious bench with solid wood high-quality base. A bolster on either side of the bench would add another level of comfort to your bench and give a high-class feel to your bathroom.

    Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

    Sinks are a necessity in every bathroom. But a double sink bathroom vanity makes your bathroom look much better than a single sink. It is better if you make enough space to construct a comfortable vanity. A two-sink vanity that is six feet long, would be both comfortable and spacious.

    Artistic Design

    Artistic designs are the results of architectural brilliance. If you are remodeling your bathroom, and have an idea to make your bathroom look much grander and richer, creating innovative interior designs, and placing beautiful paintings inside your bathroom will do the trick for you.

    Wooden Bath Mats

    Bath mats are considered essentials in every bathroom. However, getting a wooden bath mat is much better, as it covers the safety aspect and also looks better than the cloth variety. Wooden bath mats stand up better to wetness, stains, and bacteria, and is also easily washable.

    Bathroom Mirror

    Since double vanity sinks are a perfect fit for luxurious bathrooms, it is better to get double mirrors too. It is nice to have two bathroom mirrors paired in symmetry with each other. The whole vanity would look beautiful if the space between the two mirrors is used for extra lighting.

    Stylish Taps

    Taps are equipment that is used regularly, so it is better to get the best quality taps for your bathroom. For the vanity sinks, automated taps are better as they can also help you save water. For other purposes, there are a variety of designs available. So, choose quality taps that go well with the outlook of your bathroom.

    Wall Hooks

    Just like the taps, it is ideal to get wall hooks that go well with the appearance of your bathroom as there are plenty of options in that area. Wall hooks with multiple sections are always ideal, as it can hold multiple towels and even clothes. It is also better to get adhesive wall hooks as you do not want to make dents or marks on the bathroom walls.

    Bathroom Shelf

    A bathroom shelf is also a necessity in every bathroom. It can be used to hold up a lot of things like tissues, marbled glasses, scent, candles, and many more. Wooden shelves are ideal and practical in a bathroom.

    Brush Holder

    A bathroom is never complete without a brush holder. The best place for your brush holder is below the toilet. The toilet seat will hold your brush tight and will let it dry too. It is also necessary to have hydrogen peroxide for disinfectant purposes.


    When you decide to remodel your bathroom, there are three aspects to take care of - necessity, safety, and luxury. If you ensure to get all the above-mentioned chic fittings to your bathroom, all the required aspects for your bathroom remodeling ideas will be covered.

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