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  • A list of bathtub remodeling options [Guide]

    bathtub remodeling options
    Bathtub remodeling in Phoenix can add value to your home and also provide you a chance to incorporate personal design choices. The first step in updating or renovating is the evaluation of the existing space and upgrading the look by changing details of your bathroom like lighting, mirrors, tiles, and countertops. A simple bathtub remodels can change the entire look of your bathroom. Bath Planet Arizona offers a variety of bathtubs in Phoenix that can make your bathroom more attractive and accessible than ever before.

    Bathtub remodeling in Phoenix includes:

    Adding custom-made bathtubs

    With time, your bathtubs might look shabby and rusted. It might become difficult to clean them. Our bathtubs in Phoenix include fully custom made bathtubs that are made entirely from nonporous, easy to clean and resistant to mold materials that will surely give your old bathtub a new look.

    Tub conversion

    We provide many bathing options such as walk-in tubs with many other accessible accessories that not only make your bathing comfortable but safe as well. Some accessories and fixtures you can add include soap dishes, seats, and caddies.

    Replacing bathtubs with showers

    Many homes equipped with bathtubs are hardly used and are dangerous for people with limited mobility. Bathtub remodeling in Phoenix is a good way to get rid of all cracked and dingy bathtubs and turn them into showers. Our experts will develop your bathroom with much more spectacular space that is designed to endure for a lifetime. Also, you will love the bathing space that your tub to shower conversion gives you inside the bathing area.

    Walk-in showers

    Replacing your old bathtub with a walk-in shower is a good idea if you have limited mobility. It is one of the best ways to make your bathroom look classy and more spacious while keeping yourself safe from slipping and falling.

    We know how important a functional and beautiful bathroom is. Bath Planet Arizona is all about making your bathroom look stunning while making it more functional. We provide many custom made bathtubs in Phoenix which can be an excellent addition to your bathroom. If you are in need of bathtub remodeling in Phoenix, give us a call.

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    Bathroom Remodeling Costs

    Remodeling a bathroom is definitely costly, but this is to be expected especially if you intend to have a complete redesign of your bathroom. There are several factors that have to be considered when one attempts to contemplate remodeling costs since they will vary depending on the following:

    Small Shower Remodel Costs – small shower remodels costs will vary depending on factors such as the chosen fixtures, the overall design and plumbing you'd want for your remodeled shower, and the added cost of labor. This remodeling option is more oriented towards those who want to update their pre-existing showers; however, it can also come in handy if you want to downsize.

    Bathtub to Shower Remodel Costs – typically pricier than the former, bathtub to shower remodel costs not only include the cost of fixture installation, but the additional costs of re-tiling, re-grouting, and plumbing installation. If you want to remodel your bathroom for the purpose of maximizing space, opting for a bathtub to shower remodel is ideal.

    Tile Shower Remodel Costs – this is perhaps the cheapest of all three since tile shower remodel costs will only encompass the choice of tile, the removal of preexisting tiles, and the installation of new ones, without the additional cost of new plumbing or external fixtures. A lot of people choose tile shower remodels to ‘jazz up' old and outdated bathrooms. Because of its relatively cheaper price compared to the former two options, one can even choose to remodel bathroom tiles on a yearly basis without much difficulty.

    Bathtub Remodeling Ideas

    If you've decided on the sort of remodeling you want to be done and are sure of what the costs are something you can handle with ease, you're going to want some ideas to try out. While bathroom remodeling is more a matter of personal taste, it doesn't hurt to have a baseline for aesthetics. Here are some bathtub remodeling options to choose from:

    Period-style aesthetics – there is something elegant about period bathrooms. They're the just right combination of flair and simplicity, which appeals to many homeowners. One of the drawbacks of Period style bathrooms is it takes up a lot of space because of the bulk of bathtub remodeling options available tend to be on the larger end of the spectrum and might not be suitable for small areas.

    Minimalist aesthetics – minimalism is not just an interior décor thing. It's also become a very popular choice for bathtub remodeling. Perfect for apartments and small houses, they bring a touch of elegance into a confined space without unnecessary costs and feature simplistic but elegant bathtub options.

    Themed aesthetics – themed aesthetics give plenty of leeways when it comes to overall design with regards to bathtub options. Bathtub remodeling can be a fun venture, what with fixtures and accessories come in a wide array of different types. If you don't want to stick to a strictly Period-accurate look, mixing and matching with themed looks to imitate a singular cultural aesthetic or a cross-cultural appeal is worth a shot!

    Regardless of the aesthetics, you opt for, it is important to choose a reliable and experienced company to do the job properly. Bath Planet Arizona delivers exactly that, and so much more! With a stellar team of highly-skilled contractors that plan, supervise and install all the necessary trappings a bathroom of class and distinction could ever need.

    If you ever need a Phoenix-based company that you can count on for all of your bathroom needs, you can trust Bath Planet Arizona to provide you with top-quality service for a price you can't beat! A bathroom is a sanctuary of ease and relaxation, and you deserve nothing short of the best. Visit Bath Planet Arizona's website today for more information!
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