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If you want to upgrade your existing bathtub in your bathroom, then you’re not alone. Many people keep old bathtubs when they purchase a house because some of the tiny house details are disregarded until a later date. Bath Planet Arizona has turned thousands of bathrooms from dull to luxurious in Phoenix. In as little as one day, you can have the bathroom of your dreams come true.

You can bet on its unrivaled reputation for quality as it earns the most coveted Good Housekeeping Seal. All the products of Bath Planet Arizona were assessed by the experts at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. By earning the Seal, the Institute is responsible for giving a two-year limited warranty to all Bath Planet Arizona products or services.

Bathroom Remodel Phoenix

Whether you need to replace your old bathtub, install a walk-in tub, or get a tub-to-shower conversion, Bath Planet Arizona is your solution. All our bath and shower options are customized to match your needs. We also provide a wide range of safety accessories for a more convenient and comfortable bathing experience.
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Bath Planet Arizona has charming professional installers who can answer all your questions and explain to you all available options. We serve as your ultimate guide to making a smart decision. The company wants to give each homeowner like you the bathroom that you deserve so we make bathroom remodeling easy.

Selecting the best products can be hard especially with the vast amount of bath and shower options available on the market today. With Bath Planet Arizona, you can trust that we’ll do it right because of their long years of bathroom remodeling experience. Best of all, we boast a great customer service, which attends to all of your questions pleasantly.

Bath Planet Arizona’s winning combination of expert installations and amazing customer service makes us unbeatable in the Phoenix market. You can depend on us to offer you with all of your bathroom remodeling needs. We also offer the best products at reasonable prices.

Their products are reliable because we received the most coveted Good Housekeeping Seal. We have the latest designs and patterns to fit your house needs. Plus, we cater to customers with limited mobility by offering a range of handicap accessible options.
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Bathtub Remodeling Phoenix

Bath Planet Arizona is the solution for all your bathtub remodeling needs because we use custom made unique bathtubs. As a result, they fit perfectly over your current tub. The company also has more than thirty years of bathtub remodeling experience so you can expect nothing but the best.

The licensed professionals use Bath Fitter tools to take accurate measurements of your bathtub remodel. This specially designed tool ensures a perfect fit for your bathroom. It also completely changes the look of your bathroom without the trouble of any construction.

Bath Planet Arizona excels in providing professional installation and remodeling services. Their years of experience is a true testament to their expertise and professionalism. We don’t choose projects whether big or small. As long as you need bathtub remodeling services, Bath Planet Arizona will always be there for you.

Bath Planet Arizona knows the stress linked with a bathtub remodel that’s we offer a free consultative approach to give you peace of mind. If you want a free in-home consultation or have some questions you want to ask, contact Bath Planet Arizona at Arizona. We have remodeling pros to take your calls or come visit you. The good news is, there comes no obligation to purchase when they give support and guidance.
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Bathtubs In Phoenix, AZ

You can accessorize your bathtub to improve its appearance. Bath accessories provide the best finishing touch. The accessories that you can choose include shower rods, faucets, and soap dishes.

If you have limited mobility, you can try Bath Planet Arizona’s walk-in tubs. This type of tub doesn’t stress you over the hazards of climbing into a slippery bathtub. All you need to do is to simply open the tub door and get in.

The walk-in tub can fit in the same space as your current bathtub. It’s made of the thickest unique material and is very durable and can withstand the daily use. Best of all, it needs very minimal convenience.

The nonporous material prevents the proliferation of dirt and grime. This material can even protect against the annoying mold and mildew. This guarantees a clean bathing experience.

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Bath Planet Arizona’s easy-access bathtubs offer many safety features to give you a safe bathing solution. Your bath water can keep warm by infusing the water into the heated air system. Extra safety features include grab bars and built-in seating to make you more independent.

Bathtubs Replacement Phoenix

If your bathtub is already hard to clean and shows unsightly signs of cracks, then it’s time to get a bath replacement. The replacement doesn’t have to be messy and time-consuming. Bath Planet Arizona is a bathtub remodeling company which aims to provide the residents of Phoenix the bathroom renovation that they always need.

A bathtub replacement can be finished in as quick as one day at a fair price. The bathtub replacements are made to fit perfectly into your current bathroom space. You can customize your bathtub with the various available styles and colors.

Not only are the bathtub replacements attractive, but they’re also surprisingly sturdy, prevents mold, and can withstand dents. Their installation experts will take accurate measurements and images to guarantee a custom-fitted bathtub. In as fast as a single day, a team of experts will replace your old bathtub with a new one.
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Special Offers

Bath Planet Arizona provides surprisingly affordable bathroom remodeling solutions.

The company also offers a lifetime warranty on their bath and shower systems. With its prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal, you also get a two-year limited warranty. This means The Good Housekeeping Research Institute will offer replacements and refunds for any defective Bath Planet Arizona product or service.

As you already know, the Seal is the most trusted and highly-recognized consumer emblems today. This makes Bath Planet Arizona a reliable solution for your bathtub remodeling needs.

Bath Planet Arizona turns your bathroom quicker, simpler, and more affordable than you can even imagine. We provide a wide choice of solutions for your bathroom remodeling needs including bathtub replacements. If you want more information and schedule a free in-home consultation, call today!
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Benefits of Bathtubs Remodeling in Phoenix

Remodeling your bathtub is one of the best investments you make in your home. Tubs that are at least 10 years old need a revamp to fix cracks and leaks. Here are the benefits of using a bathtubs remodeling service in Phoenix:

1. Safety for seniors

The safest bathtubs in Phoenix, AZ for seniors are walk-in bathtubs. Instead of balancing with one foot for entry, this tub has a swinging door that makes entry much easier. By remodeling, you will also get to reduce other risk factors, including slipping, accidental drowning, and so on.

2. Added comfort

Are the cracks on your tub starting to become uncomfortable? You can get rid of them with a remodeling service.
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3. Reduce trapped dirt

Bathtubs can harbor all kinds of bacteria. If not cleaned, they can soon house the growth of mold. This will be dangerous to the health of people using the tub. With remodeling, your old tub will be cleaned and checked for possible mold.

4. Improved aesthetics

A worn out tub can be an eyesore on your bathroom. If you don’t have the budget for a replacement, you can opt for bathtubs remodeling in Phoenix. This will revive the luster of your tub for a price that won’t break the bank.

5. Extending the life of your tub

Remodeling your tub will extend its lifespan for many years. This can save you significant sums of money in the long run.

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