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  • Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

    Bathroom Remodel Phoenix

    Bathroom remodeling is important factor to maintain the value of your home. By re-designing the bathroom to upgrade fixtures in the bathroom, like the bathtub, walk-in shower, efficiency toilet and improved storage, your bathroom is more comfortable for your family and it holds more appeal for future home buyers. Replacement of fixtures and painting will directly impact the looks the bathroom.

    The bathroom should be maintained as other parts of your home, especially since most home buyers focus on the kitchen and bathroom as the most important features of the home. In Phoenix, you may get thousands of ideas bathroom remodeling phoenix. In fact, not only materials and but you may hire a bathroom contractor. They will definitely help in you in finding right designs and materials with good budget. There are few ideas on bathroom remodeling and possible options to upgrade and maintain value of your bathroom.

    - Replacement of the flooring can totally define separate look of your bathroom. Replacing old flooring with today’s infinite options like tile, then it may attract you with combination of colors in tiles. For installation of tiles, you may need patient as it takes time to cut tiles precisely. You can hire a tile installer to ensure your bathroom remodeling project turns out perfectly.

    - Changing the vanity can be a better option for bathroom remodeling. If you are unable to afford modern vanity, then you can consider the cabinets, painting the wood or replacing just the faucet. It will definitely give shine in your bathroom and also you may finish this bathroom remodeling project by yourself.

    - Once you have decided to renovate your bathroom, then research with your contractor or home improvement store personnel to discuss fixtures. Adding a new sink, bathtub and toilet will totally transform your bathroom. In Phoenix, modern fixtures can help you to cut down your water bill and also will contribute to conserve water.

    - Sufficient shelving in and near the shower or bathtub replacement phoenix helps keep the bathroom orderly. Consider making additional shelving part of your bathroom renovation project.

    For more details, search home improvement websites. You may find some helpful ideas for bathroom remodeling. Bathroom contractors can also provide tips for remodeling that work within your space and your lifestyle. Ask a bathroom remodeling contractor to give you an in-home estimate to discuss what you can do to improve your bathroom.

    Bathroom Remodel Phoenix

    10 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

    Planning a bathroom remodel Phoenix? Here are some of the sophisticated remodeling ideas you can consider:

    1. Use mirror walls

    Small bathrooms can feel really boxy with the wrong interior design. To imbibe the sense of space, opt for mirror walls instead of wood or colored sidings. These mirrors will also be great for better lighting for the current fixtures in your bathroom.

    2. Shower tub conversion

    A bathroom remodeling Phoenix will be worth it with the tub to shower conversion. This way, you can maximize the space on which your tub is currently installed. A shower installation Phoenix will give more space where you can move while taking a bath.

    3. Curbless shower

    If you’re fond of shower Phoenix, you might as well use curbless showers. Removing the curb will give a minimalist look on your shower. This is also a great idea for people with mobility issues and is considered a falling risk.

    4. Floating vanities

    You can opt for wall-mounted toilets and sinks to save more floor space. This way, you can use the additional space for toiletries and other things. Floating vanities will also make your bathroom space more breathable and bigger to the eyes.

    5. Corner sink

    Even if your bathroom has minimal space, you can still have a sink by putting it in a corner. This way, the limited lane on your bath won’t be disrupted by a wall-mounted sink. You can ask for this to be installed together with walk in tubs Phoenix, AZ for added safety.

    Custom Made Bathtubs

    6. Towel bar on the door

    In cases where space is very minimal, you can mount the towel bar on your shower door. You can ask for this during shower replacement Phoenix. A shower remodeling Phoenix will also include mirror doors. This will also keep a towel handy.

    7. Add accent walls

    A small bathroom? Accentuate its colors by using an accent wall. This is best used on a back wall and a spot that doesn’t get blocked by bathtubs in Phoenix, AZ. It’s just a band of colorful tiles but it will add flair to your bathroom.

    8. Consider a trough sink

    If your bathroom has no custom made bathtubs due to a narrow space, you can opt for a trough sink instead. This narrow and low profile sink is a good choice as it also frees up floor space. You can also opt for this addition during bathroom remodeling Phoenix.

    9. Walk in tubs Phoenix, AZ

    Thinking of bathtubs remodeling Phoenix? You can choose a walk-in tub over unique bath installation for an easier and safer entry. These custom made bathtubs are ideal since most falling accidents in residential setting happen inside the bathroom.

    10. Skip the shower door

    Not a fan of doors or showers in Phoenix? You can skip all of this by leaving your shower entryway open. With this, you can easily get into the shower area after getting up from the tub. This is also ideal for households with small children.

    If you have a bathroom remodel Phoenix plan in mind, don’t forget to consider these ideas. Also, call Bath Planet Arizona to turn your ideas into a bathroom paradise.

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