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    bathroom remodeling trends phoenix
    Replacing your bathtub or giving the old tub a new look is always trending. Bathroom trends don’t often change, but the advancements in technology has led to these trends changing rapidly. It is possible to do more than ever before with a variety of options available.

    If you do not want to remodel your bathtub, bathtub replacement in Phoenix is fairly easy to do when you hire an expert. Bathtub replacement in Phoenix is a great way to make your bathroom look brand new. However, if you do not want to spend the money to replace your old bathtub, bathtub remodeling in Phoenix can be a much cheaper option.

    Bathtubs in Phoenix need to be taken care of properly if you want them to last for a long time. They can be easily cracked if you are not careful. Bathtubs in Phoenix need to be washed with cleaning products on a regular basis to keep them clean.

    Bathtub replacement in Phoenix will require the help of a contractor because of all the plumbing involved. New bathtubs can be made a variety of materials like metallic materials like brass if you are looking for a sophisticated look. Bathtubs in Phoenix also need to be installed with the help of a plumber or contractor because of the possibility of mold and mildew building up with incorrect installation.

    Bath Planet Arizona specializes in bathtub replacement in Phoenix and bathtub remodeling in Phoenix. If you are in need of any service to your bathtub or just want to replace it, we can help you out. We offer great discounts for our services.

    bathroom remodeling phoenix

    Our process of remodeling your bathtub

    We know that your bathtub is a big part of your bathroom. When you avail our bathroom remodeling Phoenix, rest assured that everything is done seamlessly. Here’s our process when it comes to remodeling your tub:

    Exact measurements. When it comes to Unique bath installation, we never do guesswork. Our team utilizes a special measuring tool to ensure that the liner will be suitable for your tub.

    Providing the best tubs. If you want a new tub, we can give you the best options. Everything is custom made based on the size, material, and look that you want. We will also dispose of your old tub if you want to.

    Professional installation. We only send expert installers for bathroom remodeling Phoenix projects. This way, you’ll have peace of mind that the job is done right. We bank on our 30 years of experience in the industry for every tub that we install or remodel.

    Lifetime warranty. For residential installations, Bath Planet Arizona gives exclusive lifetime warranty coverage aside from the two-year warranty from the Good Housekeeping Seal.

    Why remodel your bathtub?

    Giving your tub a facelift won’t just improve its beauty; it will also provide more comfort and safety for your whole household. Here are some of the reasons why bathroom remodeling Phoenix is a great investment:

    Added aesthetics. Who wouldn’t want to have their bathroom the envy of friends and relatives? An Unique bath installation will bring back the shine of your bathroom. It will also become enjoyable to use minus the dings and dents that it sustained over the years.

    Additional accessories. When you avail our Unique bath installation and other tub services, we can also install accessories that will improve the functionality of your bath. You can choose from our line of wainscoting, soap dishes, faucets, shower rods, and more.

    acrylic bath installation

    Increased home value. Are you thinking of selling your house in the future? A new bathtub will actually increase its market value. All buyers appreciate a good-looking bathroom, especially a clean and shiny tub. Even if you’re not putting it on the market, you’ll enjoy the luxury of a new bath.

    When to have your bathtub remodeled?

    You’re probably asking when the right time is to have a new bathtub. There are tell-tale signs that your tub needs some TLC from the experts. Check if yours is exhibiting the following:

    Leaks. Is the water level draining? More likely, there’s a leak that needs to be addressed here.

    Old-looking. If you have a 20-year old tub, there will be lots of cracks and grimes in it. No matter how you try to clean it, the tub will still look old and worn out. A replacement would be a better choice.

    Low spots. If there are low spots on your tub where pools of water tend to accumulate, it’s time to invest in a liner or a replacement.

    If you have doubts, an appointment with Bath Planet Arizona will help you out. Be it a new tub or a liner, we have solutions for you.
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