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  • [Benefits] of Bathtub Replacement and Acrylic Bath Liners

    Bathtub Replacement and Acrylic Bath Liners
    Bathroom remodeling is a tough task, as it requires proper planning and assessment of various options available. Changing your bathtub into a new one or giving the old tub a new look takes your bathroom in the right direction. Changing out or refinishing your old bathtub has a dramatic effect on the rest of your bathroom. Bathroom remodel Phoenix gives you great ideas about new tiles, paints and more. Bathtub replacement Phoenix companies tell you how to replace or give a new look to your old, stained bathtubs.

    If you have an old, dingy and difficult-to-clean tub, you should surely consider and hire a specialist in bathtub replacement Phoenix. By replacing the tub, you will be able to check for rotted wood in the support beams and sub-flooring, replace all the wood damaged by termites and also analyze the water damages that has caused the floor to be no longer level. Replacing the old tub will not only give your bathroom an elegance, classy look but will make your house more structurally sound.

    Bathroom remodels Phoenix offers a new idea to beautify your bathroom: acrylic bathtub liners. For those remodeling on a budget, acrylic bathtub liners provide a smart choice. If there is no major structural issue in your bathroom, bathroom remodels Phoenix suggests to simply put acrylic bathtub liners and acrylic bath installation on existing bathtubs. That will not only make your whole bathroom look new but also let you save time and money that is involved in full replacement.

    Benefits of acrylic bath liners:

    Quick installation

    Acrylic bath installation fits over the existing bathtub in a day or two with no demolition necessary. The bathtub replacement Phoenix professionals take the accurate measurements so that the acrylic bathtub liner fits perfectly. Along with it, acrylic wall systems are also available that fit on the top of the surrounding tile which is completed quickly and less costly than whole bathtub replacement. If you’re in a hurry to enhance your home with the look of a new tub, an acrylic bath installation is a way to go. The liner can be put in fast and will give you the look of a brand new tub with less cost involved. Similar options can be explored for bathroom shower remodels as well if that’s something you’re interested in.

    Easy to maintain

    Acrylic bathtub liners resist moisture and dirt and are easy to clean. They resist chipping, cracking, peeling, fading or any kind of dent. They are more durable than any other kind of bathtub material and stays as it is for a lifetime. When you’re looking for a way to extend the performance of an existing tub, going with an acrylic liner is a simple way to do just that. There is so many bathroom shower remodels and other remodeling options that just don’t add to the long-term performance, but liners will give you years of additional performance for a fraction of the cost of a new tub installed. You’ll be confident in the strength and integrity of your new liner, and that’s a good feeling.

    acrylic bath installation


    Acrylic bath liners come in a variety of colors and patterns that fit your existing interiors. You also need not worry about grout lines that become unattractive. It will surely create a soothing bathing experience as compared to the normal bathtub. Bathroom remodels Phoenix has brought a more permanent and ideal solution to your bath with acrylic bath installation. So if your bathtub is looking shabby, it is the time to consider inserting acrylic bath installation and liners as your next bathroom remodel project. You’ll love the new and improved look that you get from an acrylic bath installation. It’s like transforming your old tub into a brand-new model, and it’s going to give you a sense of pride. Not only do you get to enjoy a brand-new looking tub, but you’ll have lots of fun deciding on the color and style that you get for your bathroom.


    Another major benefit of going with an acrylic liner over replacing the tub completely is that it will save you a huge amount of money. Not only are you saving on all the labor and disposal fees for removing the old tub, but you’re also saving on the cost of materials. Liners are more affordable than whole new bathtubs are. They are easier to install, they can be put in rapidly and you don’t have to worry about extra costs such as framing costs that you might have to deal with when you have a bath installed. If you’re looking for a simple way to cut your remodeling costs, think about going from something like bath or bathroom shower remodels and go with a liner addition instead. Forget replacing your tub completely and save yourself some money in the process.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Finally, you have the environment to think about. Whenever you can keep from tossing out old building materials and fixtures in your home, you are benefitting the environment in a small way. By figuring out a way to extend the life of your current tub, you are doing the environment a favor. Sure an acrylic liner still uses raw resources to create, but it’s better than swapping in a brand-new tub and is an excellent way for you to cut down on your overall impact on the environment. Make this environmentally conscious decision and you’ll feel good about reusing your current tub, and you’ll enjoy the like-new appearance that you get from the liner that you have installed.

    With so many different benefits offered by an acrylic tub liner, they should definitely be at the top of your list of considerations when you’re looking at ways to remodel custom made bathtubs, or you are going through bathroom shower remodels and tub remodels. You’ll cut costs, get excellent control over the final appearance of your tub, and you’ll even reduce your impact on the environment with these cost-effective liners.
    Aug 10, 2016
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