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  • Your Guide To Bathtub Liners from Bath Planet
    When it comes to remodeling your bathroom it is always important to check if your bathtub is in good condition or requires a refinish. The main problem with this is that reconstruction and refinishing a bathtub takes both time and money. Getting a new bathtub may reduce the amount of time it takes to remodel your bathroom but will cost significantly more than any other solution. Refinishing your existing tub is extremely cheap, but will take up a lot of your time.

    The solution is a bathtub liner

    A bathtub liner doesn't cost as much as a new tub and doesn't take any time to fit at all. Our team will come to your home and measure your existing bathtub, once we have all the measurements, we will then head to our store and craft the perfect bathtub liner for your bathtub. Once that’s done we just need to come to your house and ...
  • The Ultimate Guide To Walk In Tubs
    For those who de-stress and relax frequently in a bath, the Walk-in bathtub is an absolute necessity. This is a high-quality luxury bathtub style that offers many features that most tubs won't. They tend to be popular with athletes for the hydrotherapy that they can receive after training.

    Relax with luxury tubs

    These types of Bathtubs come with an extra-wide bench to sit on, a heated backrest, whirlpool jets and so much more. They are extremely calming and help you feel a luxurious spa right at home. They are also popular with the elderly as they offer much more safety features than a regular tub.

    Know the worth of a luxury walk-in tub

    The price tag associated with these tubs tend to be high but those who invest in them don't tend to regret the purchase. The walk-In tub offers ...
  • Guide To The Best Shower To Tub Conversions For Your Home
    We accumulate a lot of stress every day due to the fast-paced and tension-filled lifestyle that we live in. It has become necessary, more than ever before, for us to take a moment to ourselves in our everyday lives and relax. The only real personal time most of us really get in our lives is the 20 minutes it takes to shower. So why not use that time to relax comfortably instead?

    Go stress-free with a great bathtub

     Having a bath at the end of your workday is known to help relieve the tension and stress that builds up in your body throughout your workday. Pair this up with some bath products and your favorite book and you’re ready to have a spa day right at home.

    Introduce a bathtub to your home and lifestyle

    This need for relaxation at the end of your workday has brought ...
  • Get Tub To Shower Conversions With Bath Planet
    Time and time again we have seen that customers prefer to have a larger and more convenient shower area than a bath. With how fast-paced our lives are, most of us just don't get the time to take a leisurely bath and prefer a better shower than a tub you’ll never use.

    We provide the services you need to remodel your bathroom

    W can convert your Tub into a shower. Our team of trained professionals have the experience and the skills needed to remodel your current bathroom into the dream bathroom that you desire.

    What is a tub to shower conversion?

    A tub to shower conversion is a complex bathroom remodeling project that touches on all the different aspects of a bathroom overhaul. First, our team has to demolition or remove the existing bath, then comes ...
  • Everything You Need To Know About Bathroom Conversions
    It is inevitable that in time, some components of your home may require repair or remodeling in order to remain functional or cater to your needs and wishes. As you and your family grow, there will inevitably be parts of your home that need to be upgraded in order to keep up with your needs. Your bathroom is one such component that might require remodeling in order to keep up with your lifestyle.

    Remodeling your bathroom to suit your needs

    There are many ways to remodel your bathroom in order to cater to your personal needs. Those who live a busy lifestyle and don’t have the time or need for a bathtub may prefer to have a bigger walk-in shower or just a little bit more space in the showering area. Those who like to relax and take more time to themselves may want to add in a bath. So let's get started on ...