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  • Do walk-in tubs usually require professional installation?
    According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 235,000 people need medical help because of bathroom-related injuries every year. The most significant thing to keep in mind during bathroom remodeling for the elderly is their safety.

    Our bathroom remodeling experts keep your needs and wishes in mind when coming up with ideas to implement in your bathroom. They know that your time is precious and work with any schedule specified by you. Our bathroom remodeling experts work efficiently and diligently to assure you that your job is done on time. We pay attention to minute details in order to make sure you get exactly what you were looking for during bathroom remodeling in Phoenix.

    Usually, walk-in tubs in Phoenix come with an entryway that opens and closes on the front or side of the bathtub. The entryway gives people
    Sep 25, 2017
  • Why should you let us do shower door installation for you?
    The most preferred option for giving your bathroom a facelift is to remodel your shower or go through shower door installation. Although it can be a difficult task, it can be an attractive choice. From drilling walls to applying poly waterproof canvas to the floors and walls, bathroom remodels can be messy and challenging. But a contractor from Bath Planet can make it easier and worthwhile.

    The team at Bath Planet can help you eliminate issues you are running into during shower door installation. We have been doing work for clients in Phoenix successfully for years. Shower door installation doesn't need to be a hassle. We provide quality service at a reasonable rate. Bath Planet specializes in bathroom remodeling services, including shower door installation, bathtubs, vanities, flooring, toilets and more.

    Bath Planet remodels more than 500
    Sep 18, 2017
  • Acrylic bathtubs - An innovative solution
    A lot of homeowners are installing an acrylic bathtub when they go through bathroom remodeling. Acrylic bathtubs have become popular because of the advantages that they provide. Acrylic bathtub liners are considered better than most other tub liners. Some of the other liners are made of PVC plastic and are not as attractive or durable as acrylic bathtub liners. Whether plastic or acrylic, bathtub liners have been designed to do away the problems caused by older tubs.

    Bath Planet offers you a variety of acrylic bath tub remodeling options. Acrylic is nonporous, meaning it is not possible for body oils and soap scum to stick to the surface. This is the most significant reason why an acrylic bathtub is a good idea for your bathrooms. Also, the very non-porous surface of acrylic bathtub liners assures that mold, mildew, and germs don’t get
    Sep 07, 2017
  • [Instructions] on How to Install a Sliding Glass Shower Door
    sliding glass shower door installation
    We are here to describe instructions for installing a glass sliding shower door in Phoenix. Get the material, go through the instructions and follow them, and shower door installation will go smoothly.

    However, keep in mind that you need to be cautious and alert during the shower door installation process. Otherwise, the whole idea of a clean and elegant bathroom will be spoiled and you will waste a lot of money. We do not want that, so please make sure you have a good idea of what to do and all the required tools and instruments you will need. So let’s get started.

    Step-1:  Material: You will need two glass panels, a track assembly kit, two door handles, a tape measure, a combination square, a center punch, sandpaper, a rubber mallet, a pencil, a lever, masking tape, caulk, a hacksaw, a drill and bit and a screwdriver.

    Jul 17, 2018
  • Tips for saving money on a bathroom remodel
    If you're looking to improve the look and feel of your home, remodeling your bathrooms can make a big difference. However, a full-scale bathroom renovation may end up being quite costly.

    It is important to understand that not all bathroom remodeling in Phoenix is costly. We can provide valuable tips for renovating your bathroom without going too hard on your bank account. Using the following tips will help.

    - Don’t move the pipeline
    You can keep the costs of a bathroom remodel in Phoenix down by installing new features such as a bathtub, cabinets, etc., but do not touch the pipes. Installing new pipes may incur extra cost. Install the new toilet or bathtub exactly where your old one was; it helps a lot in managing your budget.

    - Help from professional
    Hiring a professional for bathroom remodeling in Phoenix seems like a costly idea, but trust
    Aug 22, 2017