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  • 5 Things to Know About Shower Tub Conversion
    Shower replacement in Phoenix is a good option if you want to customize your bathroom and give it a new look. Hiring professionals for shower installation in Phoenix is easy. However, you should do this only after doing proper research about shower replacement.

    If your bathroom is struggling with regular leaks and messy walls but you do not have enough money for shower installation in Phoenix, you can covert that old tub you have into a shower. Shower tub conversion will refresh the look of your bathroom and makes your tub much easier to use.

    There are costs associated with shower installation and shower tub conversion that you would not think of. Keep note of five elements when considering any of the options mentioned above.

    1. Do-it-yourself projects

    Some shower tub conversion projects should not be done by yourself. People with little
    May 19, 2017
  • Walk In Tubs - Perfect Gift For Elderly Family Members
    At some point, virtually every bathroom needs to be remodeled. For a lot of people, the need arises because getting older is inevitable, and once we grow old, we develop mobility problems. It becomes tougher to get around the house, particularly in the bathroom. This is the main reason why many people get walk in bathtubs installed.

    Walk in bathtubs in Phoenix provide safety for the elderly by taking out the need to climb into a bathtub. Creating a better bath experience not only gives the people using the bathtub a sense of security, but also gives that sense of security to their family.A few more advantages of walk in bathtubs in Phoenix are:

    1. Walk in bathtubs make the bathing experience safer for senior citizens and physically disabled people. This is because there is a door installed on the side so that they can walk in instead of
    Apr 13, 2017
  • Walk In Tubs Provide Safety, Accessibility And Beauty
    Do you want a beautiful-looking bathtub but have trouble climbing in and out of one? If so, then your solution is a walk-in bathtub, as they provide safety, accessibility, and beauty for your bathroom.

    Some striking features of walk-in bathtubs include:

    Safety - The most wonderful thing about a walk-in bathtub is they are very safe for older people. Because of their leak-proof door seal, access in and out of the bathtub is very easy. Also, walk-in bathtubs are only a few inches up from the ground. This feature makes these tubs safer compared to traditional bathtubs where one has to climb in and out. It minimizes the risk of slipping and falling.

    Independence - Walk-in bathtubs only require limited mobility to get in. This reduces the need of assistance for people with disabilities or limited mobility compared to traditional bathtubs.

    Apr 06, 2017
  • Important Tips When Planning For A Walk In Bath Tub Remodel
    A walk in bath tub is an option to consider when planning for bathroom remodeling in Phoenix. Bath Planet Arizona, offers a variety of tub styles.

    The walk in bath tub is designed to accommodate people who may need assistance due to a physical disability, age or other mobility issues. Styles include a soaker tub which is easily installed and affordable for most people, a hydrotherapy tub which provides water massage therapy, a bariatric tub designed to accommodate larger individuals, and a wheelchair accessible tub, which has been designed to be easily accessible by a person who is wheelchair bound.

    There are key elements for a great bathroom remodel phoenix. When planning for bathroom remodeling in Phoenix, Bath Planet Arizona recommends considering functionality, safety issues, budget, plumbing and wiring, warranty and return policies.

    Mar 15, 2017
  • Walk In Bath Tubs – Finding The Best One In Phoenix
    Having to remodel your bathroom sometimes comes out of necessity, not because you're displeased with its look. Unfortunately, injuries and getting older happen, leaving us with problems with mobility. It becomes tougher to get around the house, particularly in the bathroom.
    The bathroom is one of the rooms that requires a certain measure of movement. This is one of the main reasons why many people look into installing walk in bath tubs in Phoenix. The installation of walk in tubs in Phoenix isn't necessarily more difficult or take more time than a traditional bath tub.

    Walk in tubs in Phoenix are fitted with safety handles, a sealed entry door system and safety bars which dramatically lower the risk of falling when in the tub. Walk in tubs in Phoenix are made up of several materials. One of the more popular options is acrylic, a material
    Feb 15, 2017