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  • [Converting Tub to a Shower] Opens up the Bathroom for More Space

    shower tub conversion
    There is nothing like relaxing in a warm and bubbly bathtub and let all your stress fade away. But practically taking out time for this luxury is almost impossible. To match this, companies have brought the idea of converting tubs to showers. Tub to shower conversion companies will not only suggest you with the best bathroom shower remodels ideas, but also guide with options of low threshold shower bases, slip-resistant surfaces, seats and grab bars along with many customers made bathtubs too.

    Showers or custom made bathtubs can be a great idea for your baths because:

    It offers durability

    One of the most significant advantages of the bathtub to shower conversion is that showers are incredibly durable. Whether you are upgrading an existing shower or converting a bathtub into a shower, there are many durable shower tub conversion ideas, and custom made bathtubs options that are available which are perfect for your project.

    It offers flexibility

    A shower is more comfortable to get in and out of compared to a bathtub. In addition to improving the aesthetics of your bathroom, showers are more accessible for someone who is physically handicapped or in a wheelchair.

    It offers cleanliness

    Cracked and dirty bathtubs will always make your bath look dirty and smelly. Also, the cracked and faded shower stall never looks clean. Tub to shower conversion companies offer many custom made bathtubs and shower tub conversion ideas that will revamp the look of your bathroom.

    It offers added space

    Tub to shower conversion companies have many custom made bathtub options which can be perfect according to the available space. Professionals from Bath Planet Arizona will study the given space, look what will go with it and help you make the best decision for your bathroom. If your bathroom is small, we can help you remove your tub and install a new shower.

    Bath Planet Arizona is your one-stop destination for all of your bathroom needs. If you are in need of valuable advice for your bathroom remodeling project, give us a call!

    bathtubs remodeling phoenix

    Bathtub remodeling ideas

    If you decide to use a tub to shower conversion Phoenix service, you’re probably scouting for unique ideas. If you have a small bathroom, here are some of the ideas that we can realize for you:

    Skip the shower door

    Do you want to maximize all the space you have in your bathroom? You can skip the doors and use shower curtains instead. Instead of opening solid slabs of glass or wood, curtains are softer and can move left and right with very little space consumption. For tight space, say 5 feet wide, a door should be out of the picture.

    Towel bar on the shower wall

    A small bathroom doesn’t mean you will deprive yourself of all the vanity. A small detail like a towel bar on the glass shower wall adds aesthetic value to your bath. Aside from removing the door, placing the towel holder right next to the opening of the shower will make bathing easy for you. Having a towel right next to you reduces the chance of slipping when you’re dripping wet. Also, it’s handy whenever you have to wrap yourself in a hurry.

    Sliding doors

    Do you still want a shower door even if you short on space? A sliding door is the answer. If you think curtains are messy and seem to ruin the look of your bath, you can opt for a sliding shower door. This can be made of glass for added sleek and clean look. A clear door adds a sense of space even if you have a small bathroom. It also enhances a polished look for your bath.

    tub to shower conversion phoenix

    Tub and shower combo

    For homes with small bathrooms, the common bathtubs remodeling Phoenix idea is to choose either a shower or a tub. But with our remodeling service, you can have both. A tub and shower combo is a good choice so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Worried about slippery tubs? We can treat your bathtub floor to reduce the gloss that may cause accidents while showering.

    Professional tub to shower conversion Phoenix

    You can always perform DIY renovation on your bath, but professionals from Bath Planet Arizona can save you from all the hassle. Take note that bathtubs remodeling Phoenix aren’t an easy task. You basically have to deal with three big aspects:

    - Tearing the tub out and installing the shower
    - Retrofitting the plumbing system
    - Finishing touches

    This can take you weeks. But with our tub to shower conversion Phoenix, you’ll only have to wait for a few days. Our bathroom experts have the skills, equipment, and experience to convert your tub into a shower.

    We take precise measures to turn your existing space into a work-of-art bath. We have a variety of shower options for you to choose from based on your budget and style.
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