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  • Everything You Need To Know About Bathroom Conversions

    It is inevitable that in time, some components of your home may require repair or remodeling in order to remain functional or cater to your needs and wishes. As you and your family grow, there will inevitably be parts of your home that need to be upgraded in order to keep up with your needs. Your bathroom is one such component that might require remodeling in order to keep up with your lifestyle.

    Remodeling your bathroom to suit your needs

    There are many ways to remodel your bathroom in order to cater to your personal needs. Those who live a busy lifestyle and don’t have the time or need for a bathtub may prefer to have a bigger walk-in shower or just a little bit more space in the showering area. Those who like to relax and take more time to themselves may want to add in a bath. So let's get started on figuring out what remodeling ideas will suit for needs best.

    What type of bathroom conversions is most common?

    One of the most common bathroom conversions made is a tub to shower conversions. Most modern bathrooms come equipped with a bath and the sad truth is most of us never have the time or energy to set up and take a leisurely bath.

    Switching from shower to tub

    Another common conversion is the change from a simple shower to a tub. Some people prefer to live a more zen and relaxed lifestyle, what better place to feel at peace than at a bath? We offer a variety of options for you to pick from in order to achieve your bathtub needs and can guarantee to deliver.

    A complete bathroom overhaul

    Though the most common change to be made in a bathroom is definitely a complete overhaul to make it look more modern and luxurious. With time most homes will end up showing their age and end up looking dated. We offer many solutions that will help you spice up your bathroom to look as luxurious and attractive as you dreamed while not burning a hole in your wallet.

    How long does it take to remodel a bathroom?

    One of the biggest factors that prevent owners from renovating their bathroom is how long it would take for them to renovate it. It’s not easy to live a comfortable life while not having convenient access to the bathroom in your house, we understand that and offer fast and meticulously planned plans that will give you your new bathroom in less than 2 days.

    Time taken to remodel your bathroom

    Of course, not all bathrooms are the same and it may take a bit more time but we assure you that even a complete overhaul will not take over 2-3 weeks. Our professionals have trained extensively in order to be able to design and plan your remodeling as efficiently as possible.

    How do I make my bathroom look more luxurious?

    With new and more attractive designs coming out every day, your bathroom will start to look dated really quick and it won't always be possible to arrange for a complete overhaul. So we offer some easy quick fixes that will help your bathroom look much more luxurious while not requiring a lot of time or money in order to look so.

    Changing the lighting of your bathroom

    One of the most underrated and overlooked methods of changing the entire look of your bathroom is the lighting. No one thinks to change the lighting of their bathroom in order for it to look more expensive, but trust us when we say it will make a world of difference. Time and time again we have shown bathroom owners a world of difference just by changing the type of lighting used or adding in new sources of light.

    Choosing new color schemes for your bathroom

    Another simple way to change the theme and look of your bathroom is by choosing a new color scheme. Different color schemes will give your bathroom a fresh and clean look that will make it look much more luxurious than it ever did before. A combination of changing your lighting and paint will help you make your bathroom look and feel much more luxurious than before. Our team has the knowledge needed to help guide you to make the right changes to your bathroom in order for it to look and feel as good as new without blowing a hole in your wallet.

    What is the best way to make my bathroom look and feel bigger?

    With houses getting smaller, our bathrooms will take the biggest hit in size. But don’t worry, our design team has experience with helping you get your bathroom to look bigger and better than ever before. These design changes will completely change your perspective on the size of your bathroom.

    Fitting large mirrors in a bathroom

    One of the easiest and effective manners of making a bathroom look and feel much bigger is by fitting in a large mirror. A large mirror will quite literally make your bathroom look and feel twice as big as before. Though a big mirror may be a bit more expensive, we can help you fit it in and help you break even by reducing the amount of tiling that is to be done.

    Changing perception in your bathroom

    Changing the design of your bathroom to allow in more natural light is another effective way of making you perceive your bathroom to be a lot bigger. Good lighting will help any space look bigger than before but natural lighting, which is less prominent in bathrooms, is key to making your bathroom look much bigger and more luxurious.

    Is a walk-in tub worth it?

    A walk-in tub is a more luxurious alternative to the regular Bathtub. A walk-In tub offers a multitude of features that a regular one will not. For those who make it a point to spend some valuable time to themselves regularly, it could be one of the best investments to make.

    Perks about a walk-in tub

    A walk-in tub generally tends to offer multiple features that include whirlpool jets, a Heated backrest, hand shower, Fast drain, Extra-wide seat and much more. A walk-In tub isn’t a necessity for all, but those who tend to invest in one always find it worth the extra price tag.
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