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  • Everything You Need To Know About Bathroom Conversions

    Bathroom Conversions
    It is inevitable that in time, some components of your home may require repair or remodeling in order to remain functional or cater to your needs and wishes. As you and your family grow, there will inevitably be parts of your home that need to be upgraded in order to keep up with your needs. Your bathroom is one such component that might require remodeling in order to keep up with your lifestyle.

    Remodeling Your Bathroom To Suit Your Needs

    There are many ways to remodel your bathroom in order to cater to your personal needs. Those who live a busy lifestyle and don’t have the time or need for a bathtub may prefer to have a bigger walk-in shower or just a little bit more space in the showering area. Those who like to relax and take more time to themselves may want to add in a bath. So let's get started on figuring out what remodeling ideas will suit for needs best.

    What Type of Bathroom Conversions is Most Common?

    One of the most common bathroom conversions made is a tub to shower conversions. Most modern bathrooms come equipped with a bath and the sad truth is most of us never have the time or energy to set up and take a leisurely bath.

    Switching From Shower to Tub

    Another common conversion is the change from a simple shower to a tub. Some people prefer to live a more zen and relaxed lifestyle, what better place to feel at peace than at a bath? We offer a variety of options for you to pick from in order to achieve your bathtub needs and can guarantee to deliver.

    A Complete Bathroom Overhaul

    Though the most common change to be made in a bathroom is definitely a complete overhaul to make it look more modern and luxurious. With time most homes will end up showing their age and end up looking dated. We offer many solutions that will help you spice up your bathroom to look as luxurious and attractive as you dreamed while not burning a hole in your wallet.

    How Long Does it Take to Remodel a Bathroom?

    One of the biggest factors that prevent owners from renovating their bathroom is how long it would take for them to renovate it. It’s not easy to live a comfortable life while not having convenient access to the bathroom in your house, we understand that and offer fast and meticulously planned plans that will give you your new bathroom in less than 2 days.

    Time Taken to Remodel Your Bathroom

    Of course, not all bathrooms are the same and it may take a bit more time but we assure you that even a complete overhaul will not take over 2-3 weeks. Our professionals have trained extensively in order to be able to design and plan your remodeling as efficiently as possible.

    How do I Make my Bathroom Look More Luxurious?

    With new and more attractive designs coming out every day, your bathroom will start to look dated really quick and it won't always be possible to arrange for a complete overhaul. So we offer some easy quick fixes that will help your bathroom look much more luxurious while not requiring a lot of time or money in order to look so.

    Changing the Lighting of Your Bathroom

    One of the most underrated and overlooked methods of changing the entire look of your bathroom is the lighting. No one thinks to change the lighting of their bathroom in order for it to look more expensive, but trust us when we say it will make a world of difference. Time and time again we have shown bathroom owners a world of difference just by changing the type of lighting used or adding in new sources of light.

    Choosing New Color Schemes for Your Bathroom

    Another simple way to change the theme and look of your bathroom is by choosing a new color scheme. Different color schemes will give your bathroom a fresh and clean look that will make it look much more luxurious than it ever did before. A combination of changing your lighting and paint will help you make your bathroom look and feel much more luxurious than before. Our team has the knowledge needed to help guide you to make the right changes to your bathroom in order for it to look and feel as good as new without blowing a hole in your wallet.

    What is the Best Way to Make my Bathroom Look and Feel Bigger?

    With houses getting smaller, our bathrooms will take the biggest hit in size. But don’t worry, our design team has experience with helping you get your bathroom to look bigger and better than ever before. These design changes will completely change your perspective on the size of your bathroom.

    Fitting Large Mirrors in a Bathroom

    One of the easiest and effective manners of making a bathroom look and feel much bigger is by fitting in a large mirror. A large mirror will quite literally make your bathroom look and feel twice as big as before. Though a big mirror may be a bit more expensive, we can help you fit it in and help you break even by reducing the amount of tiling that is to be done.

    Changing Perception in Your Bathroom

    Changing the design of your bathroom to allow in more natural light is another effective way of making you perceive your bathroom to be a lot bigger. Good lighting will help any space look bigger than before but natural lighting, which is less prominent in bathrooms, is key to making your bathroom look much bigger and more luxurious.

    Is a walk-in Tub Worth it?

    A walk-in tub is a more luxurious alternative to the regular Bathtub. A walk-In tub offers a multitude of features that a regular one will not. For those who make it a point to spend some valuable time to themselves regularly, it could be one of the best investments to make.

    Perks About a walk-in Tub

    A walk-in tub generally tends to offer multiple features that include whirlpool jets, a Heated backrest, hand shower, Fast drain, Extra-wide seat and much more. A walk-In tub isn’t a necessity for all, but those who tend to invest in one always find it worth the extra price tag.

    Bathroom Shower Replacements

    10 Unique Bathroom Shower Replacements for Your Next Remodeling

    Remodeling is an exciting process that provides you with a completely new look to your house. There are a lot of aspects to be taken care of once you decide to remodel your bathroom. From accommodating the space, and selecting the color, style, and replacements, there is a whole lot of planning to do before finally starting to remodel your bathroom and it is better to hire professionals to take care of that for you.

    Leave Your Remodeling Work to the Experts

    As fun as the end result of your bathroom remodeling is, it is a tiring and risky process, which is better off if handled by experts. Safety is of utmost importance and bathroom remodeling agencies like Bath Planet Arizona offers you a safe and comfortable bathroom remodeling experience. It will be ideal if you could just choose the colors, style, and design for your bathroom while letting the remodeling agency handle it.

    Choosing Shower Replacements

    A fancy bathroom that exhibits style and elegance is a dream for many people. Irrespective of the size of the house, people want to have a beautiful bathroom with remodeled showers, clean shower pans, and colorful walls. A lot of bathrooms have non-functional showers, which hadn’t gone through a repair for a long time. Your remodeling is the best time to replace your shower with exciting ideas, to make your bathroom look better. Here are a few bathroom shower replacement ideas.

    Get Quality Transparent Shower Doors

    Your bathroom looks neat and organized if you have a separate shower room inside your bathroom. Even if your bathroom isn’t very big, you could add a sliding door and walls around your shower, making it a corner shower room. It is better if you could get transparent acrylic doors for your shower, as it makes your bathroom look more elegant. This can make your bathroom look much more spacious, and the doors don’t shatter easily as they are made of acrylic.

    Colorful Shower Wall

    The color you paint your bathroom with is also a very important factor that decides how your bathroom is presented. So, you need to choose exciting, bright colors for your bathroom walls to make them look classy. Since the shower room will probably have one wall, as the remaining sides will be made of transparent acrylic material, giving it a bright and shining color will offer an alluring appearance to your whole bathroom.

    Re-Do Your Shower Tiles

    The flooring is another critical aspect that can impact the look of your bathroom. Get quality and beautiful-looking tiles to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. It is ideal to use textured tiles for your shower section as these tiles offer extra grouting, keeping the floor non-slippery even when it is soapy or wet. The design of the tiles should go well with the wall color of your shower room.

    Get Roofless Shower Rooms

    Some people tend to take long showers, and being in a space as confined as a shower room for a long time can be suffocating, and can also create mold and mildew inside your shower walls. So, leaving the top of your shower room open can offer improved air circulation, providing you a comfortable and safe long shower experience every time.

    Fill Your Shower With Exciting Lights

    Lights can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, bringing out the beauty around the whole space. The color of your lighting should go well with the walls and the tiles to offer a more stylish look to your bathroom. These lights can come in handy especially during nights when there is a lack of natural lighting.

    Go With More Natural Lighting

    Even though you can lighten up your shower with a lot of lights around it, nothing matches the beauty that natural lights can offer. You can take this bathroom shower replacement as an opportunity to make room for more natural lighting to your bathroom using frameless glass walls and showers. Avoid using wooden frames as they can make the natural lighting disappear completely.

    Waterproof Your Shower

    You do not want your shower to overflow and reach the subflooring of your bathroom. To do this, you need to get a waterproof membrane separating the shower from the subflooring. This provides a layer of protection over the cement flooring of your bathroom and also stops the water from getting past your time and reaching the subflooring.

    Make Enough Room For Storage

    Shelves in your shower can come in very handy to keep your soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and other essentials that you require while taking a bath. You do not want to get out of the shower every time you need to get something. Building shelves inside your shower can be a great idea for your bathroom shower replacement, making your shower much more comfortable.

    Decide Whether You Need a Tub

    A lot of bathrooms have bathtubs that are in perfect condition but are unused for a long time. As we all know bathtubs can take up a lot of space. So, when you are remodeling your bathroom and working on your bathroom shower replacement, think twice about whether you need a bathtub, as you now have a fully functioning shower. Consider removing the bathtub if you do not use it frequently, as it can create a lot of space in your bathroom.

    Construct Quality Drain Pipes

    There is nothing more irritating than bathroom pipes getting clogged up leaving your bathroom flooded with water. Replacing your normal pipes with high-quality ones should definitely be on your list while remodeling your bathroom. You need your shower to be clean at all times, and quality, well-functioning drain pipes can help you with that.

    Find Yourself the Perfect Bathroom Remodeling Agency

    As we already know, bathroom remodeling is a hectic process, which can turn out to be very long. It is advisable to hire professionals for your bathroom remodeling requirements. If you are looking for bathroom remodeling agencies in or around the Arizona region, Bath Planet Arizona is the best bathroom renovation agency you could find. 

    Contact Us for Your Remodeling Needs

    We take care of all your remodeling services from bathroom shower replacement to any other kind of remodeling services for your bathroom. Get in touch with us to make your bathroom look more beautiful with exciting bathroom shower replacements.

    Our Residential Bathroom Remodeling Services

    Are you looking to remodel your bathroom and confused about the designs you should go with? Don’t think anymore, as you have already reached the ideal place. Bathroom renovation can be a very perplexing process, as once you get things done, you wouldn’t bother to keep changing it once again. So, it is better to get the designs, colors, and of course the quality of the services right, to stop worrying about your bathroom. Hiring professional bathroom remodeling services is always better, as they can do a safe and neat job, and can also help you make the right choices.

    Where You Can Get the Best Residential Bathroom Remodeling Services

    Even though it feels like you can take care of your own household works, things like residential bathroom remodeling require professionals, as it is much safer. Bath Planet Arizona is one of the city’s top residential bathroom remodeling agencies, that can offer you quality services. 

    Have a Luxurious Bathroom at Home

    Our goal is to ensure that you have a luxurious, beautiful, and safe bathroom in your home. We will also work with you to help you make exciting bathroom design choices. Here are a few bathroom remodeling tips that can help you design a scintillating bathroom.

    Plan a New Look for Your Bathroom

    Before even contacting a reliable bathroom remodeling service, the first thing you need to do is to plan the new look for your bathroom yourself. You can gather other people who live in your house, discuss with them, and get a clear idea of what you want for your bathroom. This will give you a better picture of your bathroom-to-be and will help you explain your needs and requirements for your renovation even more clearly. 

    Make Decisions That are Perfect for Your Home

    Once you are uncomplicated about what you want, you can contact Bath Planet Arizona to discuss your plans with them. We will help you will make compatible decisions based on your ideas to make your bathroom look exactly like you wanted.

    Always Keep Space in Mind While Renovating Your Bathroom

    When you are going through your residential bathroom remodeling, space is a very important factor to consider. The ideas you have for your bathroom renovation might be special and extravagant, however, without enough space, it is always hard to get what you want precisely. 

    Get Luxurious Bathrooms with Us

    Bath Planet Arizona can make even smaller bathrooms look more stylish and luxurious. Our team will work with you to understand your requirements and come up with ideal plans to bring out the best using the given space. We will always be upfront with you and clearly explain to you what can be done with your bathroom.

    Choose Between Your Tub and Shower

    One of the most important decisions to make while renovating your bathroom is to decide whether you want a tub, a shower, or both. People usually tend to go with showers as they are trendy, and saves you a lot of space. However, the resale value of your house goes up if your bathroom already has a tub, as couples and families with small children prefer bathrooms with tubs. 

    When to Not Choose Tubs

    If your bathroom is small in size, and you already don’t have a tub, it is better to avoid it, as a tub can make your bathroom look cramped. Showers are preferred ahead of tubs because most people do not use a tub. Having both a tub and a shower can make your bathroom look more fancy and luxurious.

    Get a Separate Shower Room

    Your residential bathroom remodeling should definitely include a closer shower if you already don’t have one. This is because your bathroom will have an aesthetic appeal with a compact shower room. You can go with translucent acrylic doors for your shower on all sides. Using textured tiles for your shower section can offer more grouting and keep the floor non-slippery even if it is wet or soapy. Roofless showers are also exciting as these compact rooms are sometimes suffocating, and an open roof can let in some fresh air.

    Rethink the Lighting of Your Bathroom

    An exciting factor that can change the whole complexion of your bathroom is the lighting. So, when redesigning your bathroom, think about going with exciting and new lighting to make your bathroom look fancier. It is better to choose natural lighting for your bathroom, as it offers a more elegant look for your bathroom. 

    Ventilation is Important for Every Bathroom

    Get proper ventilation for your bathroom so that the natural sunlight will be more than enough to cover your lighting in the mornings. There are multiple lighting options like perimeter lighting, track lighting, or even rice paper lighting that can provide a beautiful and ambient look to your bathroom at night. You can also go with LED lights around the faucet and mirrors.

    Go with Exciting Colors for Your Floors and Walls

    You have to make changes to the colors of the floors and walls of your bathroom, to make your bathroom look new and fresh. You must finalize the kind of flooring you are going to choose for your bathroom, and choose suitable colors. Similarly, the color of your walls should go well with the color of your tiles for your bathroom to look classy and natural. Our team will show you dozens of options and help you choose great colors that suits your bathroom well.

    Contact Bath Planet Arizona for Quality Bathroom Renovation Services

    Bath Planet Arizona thrives to offer the best possible services to make your bathroom look completely new and beautiful. The main goal of our services is to offer you a safe environment where there are very few chances of breakages and leakages. 

    Bring Your Dream Designs to Reality with Us

    Our team will work with you to bring out what you have in your mind to reality. We understand renovation at your house can be a hectic and long process. Bath Planet Arizona ensures to make the process as smooth and quick as possible. Get in touch with us to get the best bathroom remodeling services in Arizona.
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