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  • Get Tub To Shower Conversions With Bath Planet

    Tub To Shower Conversions
    Time and time again we have seen that customers prefer to have a larger and more convenient shower area than a bath. With how fast-paced our lives are, most of us just don't get the time to take a leisurely bath and prefer a better shower than a tub you’ll never use.

    We Provide the Services you need to Remodel your Bathroom

    W can convert your Tub into a shower. Our team of trained professionals have the experience and the skills needed to remodel your current bathroom into the dream bathroom that you desire.

    What is a Tub to Shower Conversion?

    A tub to shower conversion is a complex bathroom remodeling project that touches on all the different aspects of a bathroom overhaul. First, our team has to demolition or remove the existing bath, then comes the plumbing, then the flooring has to be replaced, then comes the installation of the new drywall, then the insulation of the bathroom and finally any remaining carpentry that has to be done to give it the finish and polish your bathroom needs.

    Get your Dream Shower Made Now!

    Though the process of a tub to shower conversion may sound tedious and daunting, it will definitely pay off and give you the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Our team will reduce the amount of time the remodeling takes by custom fitting the parts and meticulous planning, all so you’ll have your bathroom remodeled and ready in 1-2 days.

    Does Walk-In Shower Add in Value to your House?

    A walk-in shower will most likely increase the value of your house. Removing a tub and adding in a walk-In shower will normally increase the value of your house, that being said please keep in mind that some families tend to want at least one bathtub in a house.

    Add More Value to your Home!

    That being said, the finish of your shower will be crucial to determining the value added to your home. A walk-In shower that has an attractive and modern finish could increase your house’s value, regardless of whether you have a tub or not. The main components of a house that sell it are its kitchen and bathrooms, so don't be afraid to go big and build your dream bathroom.

    Think of your Prospective Buyers

    If your prospective buyers are older, they may be looking for a house without a tub as tubs can sometimes be harder to move around and could cause accidents. These buyers would be much more pleased with having a walk-In shower which has a bench than a bathtub.

    What’s a Good Size for a Walk-in Shower?

    The minimum size recommended is probably 36 by 36 inches, but having a bigger shower space is always better. Having a larger walk-In shower will grant you the space needed to instal a bench for easier showering, or build shelves for your toiletries. The larger space could also grant you the freedom to have a rain shower or other such commodities.

    Spend a Little on your Bathroom

    The bathroom of a house could very well sell it to prospective buyers, so don’t shy about spending a little bit more in order to get the perfect bathroom for you. Having a larger walk-in shower will make your bathroom look and feel a lot more classy and expensive. This extra space could also be used to install a steam shower.

    High end Showers are Everything

    High-end walk-In showers add a lot more value to your house, especially when the bathrooms of the house are shower only. High-end showers may include features like rain shower heads, grab bars, shower seats, and multiple shower heads located on different parts of the shower wall to give you a more refined and exquisite showering experience.

    How Long does it take to Complete a Tub to Shower Conversion?

    The time taken to complete a tub to shower conversion may vary greatly depending on the type of walk-in shower you are designing and building. Our trained professionals will help you decide the designs that will work for you and help you get an estimate on how long it will take. We also have our own remodeling plans which could take less time than your custom plans.

    Custom Tub Remodeling

    Get Custom Remodeling Plans

    Some of our custom plans may take as little as a single day to complete. But, on average it may take about 4 days to complete the entire process of installation. The amount of time may differ depending on the condition of your bathroom and the remodeling that is to be done. Each remodeling is unique in a way and might take more or less time depending on the bathroom we are working on.

    Convert your Tub to a Shower with us

    The entire process of converting a tub into a shower is complex and time-consuming but our team is well equipped to take care of all your remodeling needs and will complete your project as fast as possible. We can guarantee that you will be blown away by the work done by our team and truly be shocked at the world of difference a bathroom can make to your home. 

    What is the Best Material for a Walk-In Shower?

    There are many different materials you can use for your walk-In shower but one of the best and most common materials used is acrylic. Acrylic is extremely low maintenance while looking fantastic, the material is generally cut into one large piece that will accurately fit into your whole shower wall. The sheet installation process is for shower walls and not tiles. Acrylic will leave you a glossy finish and has many prints to choose from.

    Glass Tiles are a Unique Material to Look Out for

    They are fitted into your bathroom as tiles and tend to be translucent. These tiles aren’t as common but will give your bathroom an extra shine. They come as small tiles that are fit together in a pattern to create the base of your walk-in shower wall. Glass tiles do tend to be expensive and brittle, so keep that in mind when deciding whether it's the choice for your bathroom.

    Other Materials for Walk-in Showers

    There are two other materials that are used in walk-in showers but aren't as common. One of them is Stone Tile. They look similar to marble tiling and are similar to granite in appearance but they can be really expensive and hard to clean. The other material which isn't so widely used in modern showers is Ceramic. Ceramic looks a little like porcelain and may cause your bathroom to look a little different than traditional tile but they are inexpensive and more resistant to stain, the negative being that the installation process is complex and the material itself looks out of fashion.

    Why You Should Hire Tub to Shower Conversion Companies

    Remodeling your house is never easy. Renovations usually cost a fortune and take a lot of work. Your whole house will be busy constantly, filled with drilling noises and dust, and is too much to process at what is supposed to be a peaceful place. But sometimes renovations become necessary and unavoidable. This is why you should hire professionals to make your process simpler and smoother.

    When it comes to remodeling your bathroom there are a lot of questions to ask. “Do I need a bathtub?” is definitely one of them. Some people prefer having showers to bathtubs, and some have multiple bathtubs that they do not use often. Whatever is the case, when you decide to replace your tub with a shower, it is better to hire tub to shower conversion companies.

    shower conversion companies

    Safety is a Priority

    Maintenance and repair around the household don’t necessarily require outside service all the time. There are tasks like removing or fitting bulbs, fixing shelves, and other similar duties that can be handled by a common man. But renovating your bathroom isn’t one of them. When you want to get a shower for your bathroom, it is better to get tub to shower conversion companies as it is a matter of safety.

    Hiring Professionals will Guarantee a Good, Safe Job

    When you decide to renovate your bathroom without external help, you might end up injuring yourself or even worse injuring anyone else who is involved. Trained bathroom remodeling service companies can offer you proper services which they have been practicing for a long time. So, hiring professionals can not only help you with a safer process but also provide you quality services that are long-lasting and quick.

    Quality and Longevity

    When you renovate your bathroom and convert your bathtub into a shower, you would surely expect it to work efficiently for a long time. There is no guarantee of quality pieces of equipment, or assurance that your work will hold on for a longer period. But, if you hire tub to shower conversion companies, they can offer you exceptional services, which will ensure that your bathroom is renovated the right way.

    Leave it to the Professionals

    Since they have a lot of experience with these kinds of tasks, they know what it takes. A good contractor can help you get quality pieces of equipment at a decent price. If you aren’t satisfied with the work they have offered, you can always contact them and ask them to make changes. Renovations offered by the tub to shower conversion companies have a better chance of working efficiently for a longer time.

    Save a Lot of Time

    We all know renovation is a time-consuming process. Anyone whose house is under renovation would expect things to get done as quickly as possible. This is why getting a professional to convert your tub to a shower will help. Bathroom remodeling services tend to get renovation processes done much faster than the average person. This is mainly because of their experience in the field of home improvement.

    Professionals can get the Job Done Quicker

    Even if you have a planned schedule and work hard to get it done within a confined time frame, chances that the work won’t be finished within that time are high. Conversion of the tub to shower might seem simple, but in reality, it isn’t so. Hiring professionals can help you get the work done quickly and also lets you concentrate on other important things as the professionals will completely take care of the renovation.

    Stylish Appeal and Aesthetic Look

    Renovation plays a major part in redefining the look of your house. Remodeling your house lets you change the outlook of the house completely into a much stylish and attractive one. When you hire tub to shower conversion companies, they offer you plenty of options ranging from different types of modernized showers to the color you choose for your walls to go with the shower room.

    Professionals Understand Aesthetics Better than Anyone Else

    Remodeling professionals can help you make choices that provide an aesthetic appeal to your house. They are also capable of offering quality services that will bring beautiful and imaginative architectural brilliance to reality. Professionals have the tendency to remodel your house with a finesse that you would find difficult to do. So, if you want your tub to shower conversion to look attractive, it is better to hire experienced personnel.

    Finding the Perfect Tub To Shower Conversion Company

    Now that you know you would definitely require a tub to shower conversion company, you must now find out the perfect company that would suit your needs. Bath Planet Arizona is easily the best among the tub to shower conversion companies in town. We have extremely talented and experienced personnel who will ensure to provide a safe and sound job for every one of our customers.

    Let Bath Planet Renovate your Bathroom

    Renovation of a bathroom is a tricky process that needs to be handled with the utmost care. Which is why it should be handled by licensed professionals. When it comes to remodeling a house, responsible professionals will only use the best of equipment and products. So, do not think twice to contact Bath Planet Arizona to get quality services for your tub to shower conversion requirements in a short time.

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