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  • How A Custom-Made Bathtub Can [Save You From Trouble]

    custom-made bathtubs
    When it comes to a significant thing like a bathtub, there are not many options available in Phoenix. There is a lot of risk in buying something which might involve a significant investment. Therefore, it has been highly recommended to choose a custom-made bathtub contrary to buying it from the store. The first reason is that there are not many options available to choose from. Second, the size of the bathtubs differ according to your needs and wants. Many things need to be looked at while choosing custom made bathtubs for your bathroom.

    Custom made bathtubs are a quick solution to all bathtub related problems. Bathroom renovation is a daunting task; there is a lot of investment involved in the process as well as time and labor. Then there might be decisions regarding tub to shower conversion or shower to tub conversion. At Bath Planet Arizona, we have a solution for all of your bathroom needs. You can call Bath Planet Arizona if you are looking for a total or partial bathroom renovation.

    A neat, clean and updated bathroom can be the main attraction in any house. It is the first thing you get to see in the morning, making an updated and clean bathroom a must. Every person has different bathroom needs, and we can help you get the desired bathroom of your choice.

    Shower replacement in Phoenix can also be a good idea for a complete makeover of the bathroom. There are newer and better varieties of showers available on the market right now. The best part is this kind of replacement will not cost you much but will still change the look and feel of the bathroom and provide a better bathing experience.

    At Bath Planet Arizona, you will get a lot of variations in your choice of bathtubs. We are the best in Arizona for custom made bathtubs. We provide huge discounts and other offers which you might not find at any other store. We have years of experience with bathroom renovation, and that is why you need to trust Bath Planet Arizona for all your bathroom renovation issues.

    Shower tub conversion

    It’s undeniable that custom made bathtubs in Arizona are better than investing in cheap models at the store. If you avail our bathtub service here in Bath Planet Arizona, you can enjoy the following benefits:

    Unparalleled quality

    Our service has achieved the Good Housekeeping Seal. This means that all our products are assessed and approved by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. And with this seal, our products are secured with a limited two-year warranty. So everything that you paid for will be worth the money and long lasting.

    Shower tub conversion

    Your lone tub can turn into a shower tub if you want to enjoy the best of both worlds. This is an excellent choice for those with small bathrooms. Our shower tub conversion service would be seamless and free of glitches. You will be saved from the having to expand your bathroom just to accommodate these two features. A bathtub replacement will be done together with the installation of a showerhead.

    Custom tubs

    Like what we said, all of us have different bathroom needs. With that, we offer custom tubs to suit the size, motif, and needs of your bathroom. You can choose the material and type and we’ll have it done with our expertise. We make tubs that won’t require complicated floor support and light enough to be installed on second-floor bathrooms.

    Customized bathtub installation

    We simply don’t make tubs; we also ensure that it will be installed properly. Why? Because we want to ensure that there would be no issues. Our team of experts will be there to install your new bathtub within your budget and terms. All of our personnel are licensed and trained for the job.

    Zero leaks and problems

    We know that your bathroom is an investment. This is why we install every tub with precision and accuracy. We don’t skip the little details as it can directly affect the quality of our service. Even if we’re going to operate at a low cost, it doesn’t mean we’re going to sacrifice the quality of your bathroom. Our goal is to have everything operational for years after the installation.

    Cost-efficient service

    Custom made bathtubs don’t have to break your bank. Although it’s not very cheap, we offer competitive pricing that almost every household can afford. 

    Prevents dirt accumulation

    Custom made bathtubs in Arizona are crafted to dodge grimes and dirt from accumulating. Since the materials are intended to be nonporous, it will not harbor gunk. In fact, our custom made tubs can prevent the growth of molds and mildew. So aside from the aesthetic, you’ll also enjoy safer and cleaner baths. We also do this on our bathtub replacement service.

    Our custom made bathtubs in Arizona will augment the lack of options in the locality. Our expertise and hundreds of previous projects will speak for itself. All you need to do is give us a call.
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