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  • Important Tips When Planning For A Walk In Bath Tub Remodel

    A walk in bath tub is an option to consider when planning for bathroom remodeling in Phoenix. Bath Planet Arizona, offers a variety of tub styles.

    The walk in bath tub is designed to accommodate people who may need assistance due to a physical disability, age or other mobility issues. Styles include a soaker tub which is easily installed and affordable for most people, a hydrotherapy tub which provides water massage therapy, a bariatric tub designed to accommodate larger individuals, and a wheelchair accessible tub, which has been designed to be easily accessible by a person who is wheelchair bound.

    There are key elements for a great bathroom remodel phoenix. When planning for bathroom remodeling in Phoenix, Bath Planet Arizona recommends considering functionality, safety issues, budget, plumbing and wiring, warranty and return policies.

    - Functionality: Elderly and disabled persons may find it difficult to safely enter a bath tub. Items that are important is the step-in height; width and operation of the tub entry door, and a water tight door(s). A walk in bath tub is a perfect option.

    - Safety Issues: Installation of an anti-scald valve, which will compensate for a sudden change in water temperature, textured floor to prevent slipping, a hand held shower for convenience, built-in grab bar(s) and the drainage system needs to be inspected periodically.

    - Budget: Balancing needs and wants. These should be aligned with your budget when planning for bathroom remodeling in Phoenix.

    - Plumbing: Consult with a plumber if you are considering a walk in bath tub phoenix for a bathroom remodel. If the design requires relocating the tub, you may incur additional charges for plumbing and wiring.

    - Warranty and return policies: Understanding manufacturer warranty(ies) and the seller's return policy(ies) are necessary before making a purchase. Check out the certifications of the company such as IAMPO, UPL, UL, etc.

    - Do your due diligence and read the reviews: By researching bath tub options, you can make a better choice. Read reviews and compare features and qualities. If you have friends who have remodeled their baths, ask for their opinion, generally their opinion will be unbiased. It is far better to make an informed decision than to make a decision based solely on popularity. It may appear that all bath tubs remodeling phoenix are equal but you don't want to find out differently after you've invested in a bathroom remodel.

    Bath Planet Arizona recognizes the importance of your investment. The goal you have is the same as theirs which is to provide equipment that improves the quality and safety of someone for whom you care about.
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