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  • Important Tips When Planning For A Walk In Bath Tub Remodel

    Walk In Bath Tub
    A walk in bath tub is an option to consider when planning for bathroom remodeling in Phoenix. Bath Planet Arizona, offers a variety of tub styles.

    The walk in bath tub is designed to accommodate people who may need assistance due to a physical disability, age or other mobility issues. Styles include a soaker tub which is easily installed and affordable for most people, a hydrotherapy tub which provides water massage therapy, a bariatric tub designed to accommodate larger individuals, and a wheelchair accessible tub, which has been designed to be easily accessible by a person who is wheelchair bound.

    There are key elements for a great bathroom remodel phoenix. When planning for bathroom remodeling in Phoenix, Bath Planet Arizona recommends considering functionality, safety issues, budget, plumbing and wiring, warranty and return policies.

    - Functionality: Elderly and disabled persons may find it difficult to safely enter a bath tub. Items that are important is the step-in height; width and operation of the tub entry door, and a water tight door(s). A walk in bath tub is a perfect option.

    - Safety Issues: Installation of an anti-scald valve, which will compensate for a sudden change in water temperature, textured floor to prevent slipping, a hand held shower for convenience, built-in grab bar(s) and the drainage system needs to be inspected periodically.

    - Budget: Balancing needs and wants. These should be aligned with your budget when planning for bathroom remodeling in Phoenix.

    - Plumbing: Consult with a plumber if you are considering a walk in bath tub phoenix for a bathroom remodel. If the design requires relocating the tub, you may incur additional charges for plumbing and wiring.

    - Warranty and return policies: Understanding manufacturer warranty(ies) and the seller's return policy(ies) are necessary before making a purchase. Check out the certifications of the company such as IAMPO, UPL, UL, etc.

    - Do your due diligence and read the reviews: By researching bath tub options, you can make a better choice. Read reviews and compare features and qualities. If you have friends who have remodeled their baths, ask for their opinion, generally their opinion will be unbiased. It is far better to make an informed decision than to make a decision based solely on popularity. It may appear that all bath tubs remodeling phoenix are equal but you don't want to find out differently after you've invested in a bathroom remodel.

    Bath Planet Arizona recognizes the importance of your investment. The goal you have is the same as theirs which is to provide equipment that improves the quality and safety of someone for whom you care about.

    Bathtub Installations in Phoenix

    Unwind and Elevate with the Perfect Bathtub Installations in Phoenix

    Bathing has been an integral part of human health and well being for centuries. From the Indians who loved a good bath with essential oils and herbal powders to the Scandinavians who plunged in cold water right after a sauna, each country and continent seem to have their own traditions regarding bathing. It is one of the most basic parts of our life and for the same reason, it is being neglected in recent times.

    Practice Self-Care with the Ideal Bathtub Installation for Your Home

    In this age of information and digitalization, with the rise in technology, people have no time to even stop and take a deep breath. The growing technology and the rapid change in lifestyle have resulted in stress and anxiety that most of us often choose the quicker option of taking a shower. The only time that most of us have for ourselves is the time that we spend in our bathrooms. With so much going on around us, it has become difficult to find the time to indulge in a bath-time bliss. 

    Invest in Yourself by Investing in a Great Bathtub

    Baths give you the chance to stop the day for a few minutes, recharge, and come out fully energized. There are no limits to the miracles that a long, relaxing warm bath can do to you and how it helps you de-stress which we know is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A small-time investment for a much bigger reward. A good and calming bath can give you numerous benefits like better heart health, a healthy and improved respiratory system and the nervous system helps relieve body pain and benefits the joints and muscles, not to mention the sound and peaceful sleep.

    Choose the Perfect Bathtub for Your Bathroom Remodel

    With the wonders of a good, relaxing bath discussed the importance of a high-quality bathtub can not be overlooked since it is the place where you unwind and elevate from a long day and nothing can beat a long and warm bath in a comfortable and pleasant bathtub. It is sad that the elders don’t get to experience this because of their mobility problems as it is risky for them to get in the slippery tub. 

    Choose from a Wide Range of Walk-In Bathtubs

    Traditional bathtubs often present a risky situation for aging seniors or people with mobility issues. And this is where the Walk-in bathtubs of Bath Planet Arizona come to the rescue. With their walk-in bathtubs, the seniors can have a hassle-free bath without having to worry about slipping and falling. If you have seniors at your home it is time for a walk-in bathtub installation in Phoenix from Bath Planet.

    Why Choose Bath Planet Arizona?

    Since the market is flooded with an assortment of different bath and shower options more than often it becomes quite frustrating to choose the suitable, high-quality products and the perfect company but the installation of walk-in bathtubs in Phoenix from Bath Planet is a cakewalk as we have been serving thousands of happy customers for decades and our experience has been far longer than the rest. Rest assured, you can enjoy the best bathroom experience there is, on time and on budget when you choose Bath Planet.

    Get Expert Customer Service from Bath Planet Arizona

    We are more than proud of our customer services and are ascertained to exceed all your expectations by catering to your needs and tastes by working hand in hand with you and bringing you only the best bathroom options and products. What makes us unique and the best in the market is our winning combination of the best products at fair prices, expert installations, and brilliant customer service to top it all. 

    Bathtubs in Phoenix

    Choose Our Best-Selling Styles for Your Bathroom

    Installation of bathtubs in Phoenix from Bath Planet is the right decision for fulfilling your bathroom needs as we possess the world-class and best-selling styles and models that you can choose from and we have a variety of options that makes it easier, safer, and more pleasurable for people of all ages and different physical capabilities.

    10 Compelling Reasons to Install Walk-In Bathtubs in Phoenix, from Bath Planet Arizona

    1. Installing walk-in bathtubs in Phoenix from Bath Planet Arizona makes the experience of bathing safe, effortless, and comfortable for seniors and people with mobility issues as there’s a door present in the walk-in bathtub.

    2. By installing the walk-in bathtubs in Phoenix you can prevent slip and fall injuries with the handrails, seats, and textured pads expertly designed in it that keeps the person taking a bath above the surface of the water.

    3. Impressive features of walk-in bathtubs such as the handrails, anti-slip surfaces that make it easier to maintain balance, along with exceptional jets that provide spa-like hydrotherapy, which helps in relieving pain.

    4. In addition to this walk-in bathtub installation in Phoenix from Bath Planet is incomparable and unique because of the bath tub’s ability to drain and fill quickly with ease, which allows people to get in and out of the tub quickly when they are finished bathing.

    5. Installation of high-quality walk-in bathtubs in Phoenix requires a professional because these walk-in tubs have a variety of adjustable features like jets, handrails, and walk-in bathtub doors and Bath Planet makes bathtub installation in Phoenix effortless and easy.

    6. Households with senior members face the dilemma of safety inside the bathroom and tend to invade the privacy of the seniors to make sure they are alright. The Walk-in tubs expel the requirement for the sliding shower entryway making it a very safe and suitable option for the elderly. With the installation of walk-in bathtubs in Phoenix, both seniors and children will enjoy safety.

    7. Installing walk-in tubs in Phoenix could raise the value of your home, making it a better place where people of all ages could live comfortably with safety.

    8. A walk-in tub also comes with a shower, shower tubs can be converted to a walk-in tub with simple walk-in constructions, making it much better than regular tubs as it saves more space, especially for small bathrooms, without losing any functionality, and adding safety and value for money for homeowners.

    9. It Can also be used for relaxation and recovery as a walk-in tub can be equipped with heaters and massage features to help in the recovery of the injured as walk-in tubs can be used for hydrotherapy that can ease stress and tension.

    10. A simple walk-in bathtub could give your bathroom the much desired luxurious and sophisticated appearance with safety and comfort, turning it into a more functional asset in your home.

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    Call now to get your bathroom an installation of the walk-in bathtubs in Phoenix and let our experts here at Bath Planet Arizona transform your bath space into a magical place where you can unwind and revive with style!

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