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  • Installing an acrylic bathtub as part of a bathroom renovation

    If you are wondering what to install when replacing your bathtub as a part of your bathroom renovation, there are many options for you to choose from. One of the most popular options is acrylic bathtubs. For acrylic bathtub installation, you have three options; one is full bathtub replacement, the second is installing acrylic bathtub liners and the third is bathtub refurnishing.

    While a full bathtub replacement in Phoenix can be expensive, messy, and complicated for the client, the other two options can be cheaper and more practical options. Acrylic material is relatively soft, malleable and can fit in any shape and size of the bathtub. Therefore, if you are looking for an inexpensive and a rather small bathtub, acrylic bathtubs can be molded to fit. If you are looking for an expensive and fully functional spa-like setting in your bathroom, this material will be perfect.

    The heat-resistant properties of acrylic bathtubs make them stand out; it is easy to step into these bathtubs in the winter and is suitable for people who love to soak in hot tubs. But because of the softness of the acrylic material used in the bathtub, it is not resistant to scratches, but the good news here is that the scratches can be repaired easily with some acrylic material pasting. Because of the softness of the acrylic material, the strength required is missing in these bathtubs. But we can overcome this problem if acrylic bathtubs are reinforced with fiberglass.

    Now let’s get back to where we started. The first option is acrylic bathtub installation. Proper acrylic bathtub installation might cost you a fortune because of the material, labor, and overhead expenses. The other two options are much cheaper.

    One of these options is putting in acrylic bathtub liners. A professional arrives at your place to measure the current bathtub size, and then these bathtub liners are ordered and installed. The other option is refinishing acrylic bathtubs. For this, a professional arrives at your place and sands, files and cleans the old surface and then paints it with the special coating used for acrylic bathtubs to give them a new and fresh look.

    After installation of the liners or the refurbishing job, the level of cleanliness is almost the same in both the options. It is easier to refurbish the bathtub as a do-it-yourself project. Installation of the liner is a much more cumbersome and challenging job with almost no opportunities for a do-it-yourself project.

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    Oct 12, 2017
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