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  • [Instructions] on How to Install a Sliding Glass Shower Door

    sliding glass shower door installation

    We are here to describe instructions for installing a glass sliding shower door in Phoenix. Get the material, go through the instructions and follow them, and shower door installation will go smoothly.

    However, keep in mind that you need to be cautious and alert during the shower door installation process. Otherwise, the whole idea of a clean and elegant bathroom will be spoiled and you will waste a lot of money. We do not want that, so please make sure you have a good idea of what to do and all the required tools and instruments you will need. So let’s get started.

    Step-1: Material: You will need two glass panels, a track assembly kit, two door handles, a tape measure, a combination square, a center punch, sandpaper, a rubber mallet, a pencil, a lever, masking tape, caulk, a hacksaw, a drill and bit and a screwdriver.

    Step-2: After you collect all the materials, the next step is to measure both the top and bottom of the shower opening. Make sure you double check the measurements for accuracy, then select a flat and clean area where you are willing to lay the sill and mark the area with a pencil.

    Step-3: Next, you need to cut the pieces to the required size and make sure to lightly sand the edges of the pieces. Make sure to check whether these pieces fit the opening appropriately.

    Step-4: Now you can place the lower channel on the bottom sill and fasten that with the help of masking tape. Do the same with the vertical frame and the top channel as well and make sure you mark the places where screw holes are to be drilled.

    Step-5: Now you can remove the channel and the frame and apply a liberal amount of caulk on the underside. Then, put the channel this time firmly and attach it again with the help of masking tape and let the caulk dry.

    Step-6: Next, you can mark the screw position with the help of the center punch, drill the holes in the marking and insert the anchors with the help of the mallet into the holes.

    Step-7: Next, set the uprights into position with the help of screws. You can now affix the top channel tightly into position.

    Step-8: Check the hanging shower doors and whether rollers are already attached to the door or not. If they are, you are good to go. If not, attach the rollers facing inside for the door inside, and the roller facing outside to the outside door. Then hang the inside door first roll it over towards the wall and hang the outside door and check whether both the doors glide smoothly and accurately.

    Step-9: Once the doors are attached, you can attach the door handles and towel racks over the door.

    Step-10: Apply a good amount of caulk over the frame where it meets the shower enclosure both inside and outside the shower door. You can wipe excess caulk and let it completely dry.

     shower door installation in Phoenix

    Test it Out

    After you take all the time to go through the full shower door installation in Phoenix, it’s time to test everything to make sure that it works properly. After everything is completely dried off, you are ready to test out your new shower to verify that it’s ready to go. Start it up and make sure that you use the shower just as you normally would. Make sure that you spend at least 10 minutes in the shower and that you get water on all of the inside walls of the shower. It’s vital that you splash around water on most of the surfaces in order to make sure your installation is nice and watertight.

    After you take the time to go through the full test shower, you can get out and evaluate your shower installation in Phoenix. Take a close look at the different outside edges of the shower for any damp edges. You want to spot leaks in your installation so you know locations that need to be fixed up. If the outside of the shower is nice and dry in each location then you’ve likely completed an installation successfully!

    Dealing with Problems

    If you do have some damp spots outside of your shower after you test out your shower installation in Phoenix, you need to take the time to remedy the issue before you go on and continue using the shower. Take some time to try and pinpoint the issue with your installation. Did you caulk all the seams properly? Did you install the panels exactly as they should be installed? If you can’t spot a problem you will have to consult with a professional to have them fix the issue for you. If you can spot the problem you should try and fix the issue yourself before you go out and hire a professional to help you with the issue.

    Hiring a Professional

    If you’re having trouble getting a proper installation, or you just don’t want to go through all the steps listed up above for a proper shower installation in Phoenix, you should consider hiring an expert to help you take care of the work instead. You can get a professional into your home for a shower replacement in Phoenix, and enjoy a top-level installation and a shower that works the first time. If you are in a hurry to get a working shower in your home, or you don’t want to deal with the steps involved in doing the replacement yourself, it makes sense to hire an expert in shower door installation in Phoenix.

    Putting a new shower in your bathroom is a rewarding experience that pays off in a big way, but only if you install the shower properly. If the process is done wrong you will end up with a shower that can cause damage to your home and that isn’t going to be convenient to wash up in either. Make sure you know what you are doing and only take on a shower door installation in Phoenix or a complete shower replacement if you are confident in your building abilities and in your ability to troubleshoot issues that you have in the end, otherwise you could end up doing more damage and costing yourself more money than a basic installation would have to begin with.

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    Benefits of Sliding Frameless Glass Shower Doors

    When it comes to bathroom remodeling in Phoenix, sliding frameless glass doors can add a sophisticated touch on your shower. So if you're thinking of shower installation in Phoenix, here are some of the benefits of sliding frameless glass doors:

    It lets the light in

    A glass and frameless sliding door for your shower allows you to maximize your bathroom lighting. Instead of using a separate light for the shower, the glass will let the light in. It's energy-efficient, plus it gives your bath a sophisticated look.

    Easier to clean

    Frameless glass doors can be cleaned with a few wipes. You don't need to scrub anything since dirt is less likely to stick to the glass if wiped right away. This is one less task that you'd have to think about when cleaning your bathroom.

    shower installation phoenix

    Imbibes a larger space

    For those with small bathrooms, a sliding and frameless glass door is an ideal choice. It makes the area feel larger than using opaque doors. Since it cut sightlines, it will give your bath a more breathable look.

    It saves space

    Unlike pivot or hinged door, sliding frameless doors will not consume additional space when being closed or opened. This is another advantage for those with small bathrooms. The sliding mechanism also requires minimal maintenance if installed correctly.

    Minimizes mold buildup

    The absence of seals around the door frame means that there are no spaces for water to buildup. This reduces the possibility of breeding mold inside your bathroom. If you're thinking of shower installation in Phoenix, ask for a sliding frameless glass door to enjoy these benefits.
    Aug 22, 2019
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