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  • Shower Replacement - Change the Feel of the Entire Bathroom

    Shower Replacement in phoenix

    Shower replacement is one of the wisest expenditure for the homeowners who are looking to replace their old tubs or showers with a new, beautiful, elegant and customized bathroom shower remodels. Shower replacement Phoenix companies specializes in manufacturing custom showers that can be tailored according to the needs and specifications with high quality shower installation Phoenix and shower door installation Phoenix.

    Whether you are upgrading an existing shower or converting a bathtub into a shower, there are many bathroom shower remodels that are available which are perfect for replacement of these showers. One of the most significant advantages of shower installation Phoenix in your bathrooms is that showers are extremely durable. A shower is easier to get in and out compared with bathtubs. You can also get rid of grimy shower curtains that can look very shabby. Also, the cracked and faded shower stall never looks clean. In addition to improving the aesthetics of your bathroom, shower installation Phoenix can make a shower accessible for someone who is physically handicapped or uses a wheelchair, too.

    A sophisticated shower installation Phoenix can change unattractive and unhealthy appearance of your bathroom. Bathroom shower remodels can be accessorized with safety features of your choice so each of your family members is in comfort and dignity. It can incorporate a variety of features such as faucets, shower rods, seats, safety bars, soap caddies and shelves that offer individualization in your bath. Bathroom shower remodels comes in several colors and patterns including simulated cirrus marble, sculpted tile, stone and many more. Also, these shower bases are available in different sizes and textures to meet the construction and renovation needs. These shower bases are slip resistant and easy to clean, too.

    A reputed shower replacement Phoenix and shower installation Phoenix company offers:

    bathroom remodel phoenix

    Thick, good quality and durable shower bases that will not crack, fade and will keep its brilliant shine for years.
    Shower enclosures and fittings can be customized to any size.
    Framed or frameless shower door installation Phoenix that add extra beauty to your bath.
    Variety of glass panels that will surely fit your style and decor of your entire bathroom, too.
    Bypass slider or pivot door designs to suit your preference.

    Bathrooms without bathtubs are growing in popularity. Changing your bathtub to a shower is the most on-trend idea to remodel your bathroom. A full shower replacement Phoenix with shower door remodeling Phoenix is the simple way to enhance the functionality and appearance of your bath without the cost and time involved in total bathroom renovation. So say a goodbye to messy water leaks and old-fashioned shower curtains and move towards a redesigned bathroom.

    Ideas for your shower remodeling Phoenix

    Looking for ideas for your bathroom remodeling Phoenix? Here are some that we recommend for your shower remodeling Phoenix:

    Shower door ventilation. When you take a hot shower, it can get really steamy inside. We can make ventilation cut out on your glass door to promote airflow.

    Built-in storage. Most tub to shower conversion Phoenix will leave you with nothing to put your shampoo, loofah, or soap on. We can fix this by adding a recessed wall shelf inside your shower. This will also stretch outside your shower.

    shower liners phoenix

    Shower seat. For those with mobility issues, bathtubs remodeling Phoenix to a walk-in shower is a great idea. We can also add a seat inside for added comfort even without the walk-in tubs Phoenix AZ.

    Multiple showers. Why pay for bathtub installation Phoenix if you can have multiple showers? You can have an overhead, handheld, and wall-mounted shower at the same time for a rain-like feel. This is better than custom made bathtubs.

    Mosaic tiles. No need for unique bath installation as we will add character to your bathroom with the use of various tile designs. We can do a mosaic pattern, beachy feel, subway-style, or anything you like. We can pair it with shower door installation Phoenix too as well as unique bathtub if you need it.

    Steam room addition. On your bathroom remodel Phoenix, we can add a steamer inside your shower so you can enjoy home sauna anytime. Your shower tub conversion will be the highlight of our bathroom shower remodels.
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