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Bathrooms are always presented on TV as a luxurious and relaxing space. While watching, we tend to say to ourselves how that can't be true. When looking at our own bathrooms, we fail to see its luxurious potential. It can just be another space in our homes that we simply use for menial necessities.

But here at Bath Planet Arizona will tell you that you can actually turn your bathroom into a luxurious space where you can escape to relax. All of that without even worrying about your safety. We offer remodeling services that can help you upgrade the appearance and functions of your bathroom. And for this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about it:
Bathroom Shower Conversions

Shower Liners Phoenix

Accessories are not exclusive. They can also be used to improve your shower. Here at Bath Planet, you can amp up your bathroom game through our shower accessories. You can choose from our stylish and functional collection of faucets, shower rods, shower doors, soap dishes, ceilings, wainscoting, and more. You may even have heard of these accessories. However, what about shower liners? If you still have no idea what these are, then we will tell you.

Shower Liners are solid pieces that are installed over your existing shower as a finish to cover up your bathtub, shower pan, and walls. It comes in two sections: the bottom and top.

For the bottom of showers, it looks like your shower pan. These units are single, unified, seamless pieces, which makes them waterproof. For the top, there is a second section of wall panels called the surround that extends above the level of the shower pan. Shower liners ensure a watertight fit.

If you wish to install shower liners, Bath Planet Arizona will be happy to assist you. Since shower liners are still not available as a DIY project, we here will be glad to take it on for you. We custom-made these liners so that it is the right fit for you.

Here are some of the benefits of shower liners:
It provides a quick fix - shower liners are better options to improve your bathroom if you prefer less drastic operations. It can be completely done within two days. No demolishing or replacing your bathroom needed.
It covers up bad walls - Since shower liners are finished products, it extends above the bathing area and up the walls.
Bathroom Shower Enclosure Ideas

Bathroom Shower Remodels

Furthermore, if you want to go beyond your shower liners to change the whole look of your bathroom, then you can opt for our bathroom shower remodel service. We have bathroom-remodeling products that can also help you with this.

Bath Planet offers the most extensive line of premium acrylic bathroom solutions to ensure that your remodeling project is smooth sailing: done on time and on budget. We can do the bathroom shower remodel for you in as little as one day without sacrificing the aesthetic you are searching and aiming for.
Bathroom Shower Designs

Shower Remodeling Phoenix

Nothing beats a good shower at the end of a busy day. What more if the bathroom suits a relaxing mood that just takes away all of the stress and worries? With us here at Bath Planet Arizona, we can transform your old rundown bathroom into a new one. And it begins with shower remodeling. Here are some tips for you:

Pick the right Shower Head - When remodeling your shower, it is important that you choose the right shower head not only for you but your family as well. These days, some people place more than one shower heads for that total rain-like feel. Also, it makes for good water massage. So you should also keep in mind picking out the head that pumps water with the right pressure per minute.

Choose Good Materials - Since you are remodeling already, you might as well choose good materials. These will ensure that your bathroom will last long and your experience would not go by with a hitch. And as with construction goes, nothing is especially cheap. It will cause you a couple of your money, which is why you should do it right.

Trust the Professionals - Ultimately, for your bathroom shower remodeling, you should always trust the pros. At the end of the day, these people are more experienced and knowledgeable than you when it comes to this aspect. Unless of course if you are one yourself. At Bath Planet Arizona, you won't have to worry about this since we are made up of a team of experienced professionals.

Furthermore, if you want another value to your shower, we also have a bath fitter shower replacement. This will completely change the feel of your bathroom without the hassle of construction. Our acrylic shower bases are customized to fit perfectly over your existing shower base.
Bathroom Shower Systems

Shower Installation Phoenix

When working with us, you can be assured that our installation process is done right and is fully transparent. This is to ensure that there are no gimmicks with us. What we do is simply remove your bathtub and replace the tub with a more attractive, durable, and extra-large shower. Our process goes like this:

Original Tub Assessment
Faucet Removal
Tub Removal
Shower Base Installation
Wall Repairs
Wall Installation
Shower Door Installation
Final Product Inspection

And if you just want a shower door installed, then we can do that for you. We have shower door installation in Phoenix personally done by our professionals here at Bath Planet Arizona.

Our shower installation experts have years of experience helping Arizona residents select the appropriate shower to tub system to fit their needs and budget.
Bathroom Shower Walls

Shower Replacement Phoenix

And if you are thinking about shower replacement, then trust that we can also give that to you. However, if you are still hovering about finalizing the decision to actually do shower replacement, then we can provide you with the benefit of having your bathroom improve its appearance.

Needless to say, shower replacement definitely improves the appearance of your old and dull bathroom. It may probably be your reason why you want a shower replacement in the first place. There are now ranges of styles, colors, designs, and materials that you can choose from to match your own personal aesthetic. At Bath Planet Arizona, we can custom made everything for you. You can even add, move, or enlarge the seating, storage, or grab bars.
Tub to Shower Remodel Ideas

Tub to Shower Conversion Phoenix

As with everything, things come and go. Most especially when our preferences change. In terms of bathroom, what we needed is just to get rid of our old bathtub and change it into a shower instead. And we are here to tell you that doing this could bring in a lot of benefits. They are:

More Floor Space - When you get rid of your bathtub, a whole new space will ultimately present itself up to you. The tub's sloped walls will open up a massive amount of floor space, which could really create a larger and more luxurious bathing area.

Obstacle Free Entry - With showers, you won't ever have to go through walking over an obstacle just to take a bath like what bathtubs do.

Add Other Functions - Converting your tub into a shower opens up not only space but also other bathroom features as well. You can even prefer to add some bench in there if you prefer.

Sliding Doors - With standalone showers, you can now freely add sliding doors for a more luxurious feel. Say goodbye to those messy shower curtains and say hello to a cleaner, sleeker, and polished touch to your bathroom experience.

When working with us here at Bath Planet Arizona for your Tub to Shower Conversions, you can definitely achieve that extra-large shower you have been wanting. We also do custom bath and shower systems with hundreds of design options. We can also assure you that our systems provide no mold and no mildew solutions.
Bath Planet Tub to Shower Conversion

Shower Tub Conversion

Aside from the usual aesthetic improvements done by remodeling, Bath Planet Arizona also offers a safer bathroom experience for the elderly and those with special needs.

When doing shower tub conversions, we want to ensure that all of our clients can comfortably enjoy their bath time without having to worry about accidents. We offer the following for your added safety:

Grab Bars
Grab bars are great for those with poor balance. Exiting and entering a shower can be tough if the person using it cannot properly carry their own weight. For elders, a grab bar is the best option when looking for a place to hold on. You should stop using towel bars or other parts of the shower that are not made to be grabbed on to.

When installing grab bars, you should think about placing them in places where it is needed the most such as inside the shower as well as near the toilet. Also, you should not forget to coat the grab bars with a slip-resistant material, not high-gloss, for a safer use.

Bath Bench
Another thing you can add to your shower tub conversion is a bath bench. A bath bench helps eliminate the problem of stepping in and out of the bathtub. There will be no need to lift the legs over the side of the tub just to get enter and exit. You can just easily scoot over safely. Furthermore, a bath bench is good for those who prefer to remain seated in the entire bath duration.

Non-Slip Mats
It would be hard to miss non-slip mats as an additional safety feature for your shower tub conversions. When we say bathroom, the usual concern for people with elderly in their homes is slipping. But with the right non-slip mats from us here at Bath Planet AZ, you won't ever have to worry about slipping anymore.

Putting down non-slip mats on the tub or on the shower floor as well as around it can drastically reduce the risk of slipping or falling when the floor is wet. This greatly helps the elderly be more stable and feel safer.

Also, you must remember that non-slip mats are not towels. Towels can still be very dangerous since it can easily slide away from your feet. You will need a stable rubber non-slip mat or adhesive strips that properly hold onto the floor and prevent slipping. Furthermore, these mats can serve another purpose, which is to guide elderly people or those with poor depth perception. A good and visible mat will be their visual aid to tell them how far they are from the shower or tub.
Bath Planet Remodeling

Bath Planet Remodeling

At the end of the day, choosing to work with us will guarantee you effective and high-quality shower solutions. You won't ever have to feel dismayed or disappointed ever again with your bathroom remodeling. We can easily prove to you our skills and expertise when it comes to bathroom services and products.

We offer a range of durable shower and tub remodeling products that you can choose from. No matter your aesthetic and style, we are sure to match it all. You can even consult with our team of designers for great bathroom advice.

Furthermore, our licensed and bonded installation professionals have years of experience installing shower and bath systems. We have everything down to the wire figured out. You won't ever have to feel unsure about us. Our team is skilled and works with quality and precision.

As can be seen above, Bath Planet Arizona also values the safety of our clients. We understand that safety, together with trust and confidence, are necessary to make informed purchase decisions. That is why we are providing you with so many options and ideas to make sure that you won't ever miss out on the important aspects of remodeling your bathroom.

At Bath Planet Arizona, there are no tricks and gimmicks up on our sleeves. When selecting the right shower system for your needs, we lay it all down for you. No agendas, no buts. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and schedule your free in-home consultation.