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  • Shower Tub Conversion Increases The [Beauty of Your Home]

    Shower Tub Conversion
    Showers are practical for any bathroom. Whether you have a bathtub or spacious bathroom, design will be functional and chic. It gives your bathroom a modern appeal with the possibility to efficiently use space. Consider these five designs to get you started.

    1. Usually, constructing a shower requires gutting walls to access plumbing pipes, applying waterproof poly canvas for walls and floor, upgrading walls to keep moisture from affecting the drywall, and installing drains. Plumbing pipes may be need to move to accommodate showerheads and sprays. New walls will need to be tiled or clad in a waterproof surface.

    2. The easier and more affordable way to create tub to shower conversions phoenix is the shower kit, which can be install by moderately hand people if they're comfortable with basic plumbing and carpentry.

    3. Find ideas from different places, which help you bring your dreams into reality. Include shelter magazines, bath showrooms and Internet searches. These are the sources to get ideas to improve or remodel your bathroom with various and attractive tub to shower conversion designs.

    4. Choose a curb-less shower or low threshold tub to shower design so you can easily move in and out of from the shower. You can leave shower’s entry open or add a curtain or stylish doors. Otherwise, make sure that walls, floor drain and slope and showerhead layouts are designed to keep the water where it belongs.

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    5. Consider a rainfall showerhead. Always remember to include bench ventilation for your shower plans and determine shower controls on showerheads. Match the other metal finishes in your bathroom, too.

    6. Shower walls and floors take a fashionable turn when dressing your bathroom in a solid surface. Options include shower tub conversion marble, quartz slabs, and glass to build an attractive bathroom. Stretch your budget by using inexpensive field tiles to create a background for decorative, colorful bands and borders created from costlier tiles.

    7. Building a bath is an extensive plan. It should include all the necessities of bathrooms and a few luxury appointments you crave. Consider thinking ahead with some accessibility features, such as a wide entry with slip resistant flooring and grab bars. A hand held shower spray ensure your stylish new shower ages as elegantly as you do.

    Maintenance is simple, as it is made by vinyl or PVC. The tub to shower conversion kit can be installed upon current walls and are available in number of patterns and colors.

    If you are planning to go for a tub to shower conversion, you can include built-in soap dishes or benches for seated bathing. Stop by a home improvement show room for more tub to shower conversion ideas.

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    Benefits of Shower Tub Conversion in Phoenix

    More and more households are opting for shower tub conversion. It offers more space and more area to move, especially for disabled homeowners.

    Here are some of the actual benefits of shower remodeling in Phoenix you can also enjoy:

    Improved safety

    A shower replacement in Phoenix can also be completed with the addition of non-slip tiles and handles that reduce the risk of falling. Unlike tubs, shower installations in Phoenix remove the need for leg-lifting to get inside. Benches can also be installed inside the shower area to let homeowners sit while taking a bath.

    More space inside out

    There’s no denying that bathtubs can be bulky, especially for bathrooms with limited space. Removing this and putting a shower stall instead will provide more space without compromising the bathing experience. The added space will also make the bathroom more breathable.

    Better mobility

    For those with mobility issues, a shower tub conversion is ideal. This way, they no longer need to balance their body to get into the tub. There's only minimal curb separating the shower stall into the other parts of the bathroom. With only a tiny step needed to get inside, shower stalls are more convenient in comparison with tubs.

    Less maintenance

    Bathtubs take a lot of time to clean. You also have to maintain the waterproofing of the flooring to ensure that molds and mildew won’t harbor within your tub. Meanwhile, shower stalls are easier to maintain since it needs minimal maintenance.
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