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  • The Ultimate Guide To Walk In Tubs

    For those who de-stress and relax frequently in a bath, the Walk-in bathtub is an absolute necessity. This is a high-quality luxury bathtub style that offers many features that most tubs won't. They tend to be popular with athletes for the hydrotherapy that they can receive after training.

    Relax with luxury tubs

    These types of Bathtubs come with an extra-wide bench to sit on, a heated backrest, whirlpool jets and so much more. They are extremely calming and help you feel a luxurious spa right at home. They are also popular with the elderly as they offer much more safety features than a regular tub.

    Know the worth of a luxury walk-in tub

    The price tag associated with these tubs tend to be high but those who invest in them don't tend to regret the purchase. The walk-In tub offers many luxury features that make it well worth the price and our team will help you pick out the right one for you and fit it perfectly into your bathroom.

    What is a walk-in tub?

    A walk-In tub is a different type of bathtub where the user sits on a bench rather than lying down to soak. This kind of tub generally has whirlpool jets hit along the backside to hit the pressure points of your back and relieve the pain in it and also have jets placed around your calves to help release the stress and strain.

    Facts about walk-in tubs

    These tubs come at a premium price but are packed with features that make them worth it. Our Team will help you make the right decision on which tub to purchase and will fix the tub securely into your bathroom. We have experience with selecting and fitting these kinds of tubs and can guarantee to give you the best remodeling experience you can expect.

    How long does a walk-in tub take to fill?

    The amount of time it takes for a walk-In tub to fill is much more important than a regular tub as you have to be sitting inside the tub before you start filling it. This means that you will be sat inside throughout the filling time. This makes it important to make sure that the tub you use has a reasonable fill and drain time.

    Walk-in tubs are high capacity

    The time it takes for a walk-in tub to fill is dependent on the water pressure, the capacity of the tub and the fixture being used. The higher-end Walk-In tubs offer a fill time of about 6-8mins which is a reasonable enough time for a tub to fill but if you have a lower budget tub it may take up to 15mins to fill which could be seen as a problem to some. Lower end walk-In tubs may not be worth the money, so if you’re choosing to fit in a walk-In tub then be ready to invest a good amount to get yourself one with the features you need.

    Is there any chance for a walk-in tub to leak?

    The trained professionals that fit your walk-In tub will ensure that is no possible chance for a leak on any of the sides. We carefully measure and custom fit our tubs to ensure that there is no chance of any leakage. The tubs themselves are made in such a way that when the doors are closed it forms a waterproof seal that has no chance of leaking. All of the walk-In tubs we fit are made of high-quality materials and are crafted incredibly well so as to guarantee that you will not face any problems.

    What features does a walk-In tub have?

    A walk-In tub is packed with features to ensure that the customer gets their money’s worth. Most tubs are built with high-end bathrooms kept in mind, but there are some lower budget walk-In tubs that are available on the market. We do not recommend using these tubs as they are not of the same quality as the regular walk-In tubs and may not be up to your standard. We will explain some of the common features provided by a walk-In tub for you to better understand what it brings to your bathroom.

    Easy access with walk-in tubs

    Your walk-In tub will feature a wide-door for ease of access, it will also give you a wide bench for customers to comfortably sit on. The tub will offer a heated backrest that will help you relax and de-stress. The backrest will also contain an array of whirlpool jets that will help you release the stress and strain on your lower back. Finally, the last common feature that will be present is an array of whirlpool jet along the line of your calves, which will help release the stress in your legs. Higher-end walk-In tubs have additional features that may suit your niche, but we believe that these are the features that will decide whether the walk-In tub is for you.

    Are walk-In tubs safer than regular tubs?

    Walk-In tubs are popular with the elderly for the sole reason that they provide a lot more safety features than a regular tub does. These tubs have low step-in as the door of the tub opens outward and allows the users to comfortably enter without having to worry about tripping. They also have handrails which makes it easy for the user to climb in and out with additional hand support.

    Great benefits of a walk-in tub

    The flooring of a tub is made to be slip resistant so that the chances of an accident occurring are reduced considerably. The extra-wide door allows for ease of entry and exit which reduces the possibility of any accidents happening while the customer is entering or exiting the tub. The tub also has a control panel so that all the functions of the tub can be controlled right from where you are sitting. A walk-In tub is worth the money it costs and we definitely would recommend it to those who are on the rails about whether it's worth the price.
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