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  • Tips on Installing an Acrylic Bathtub in the Bathroom

    Acrylic bathtubs are a popular option these days for anyone building or remodeling their bathroom, and for good reason.

    Acrylic bathtubs may be relatively expensive compared to other custom made bathtubs, but they deliver an excellent experience and comfort.

    Additionally, the maintenance of acrylic bathtubs in Phoenix is minimal, simple cleaning techniques and detergents are all that's required to clean them. Acrylic bathtubs are made of fiberglass,come in different shapes and sizes, and have very few scratch problems.Because acrylic bathtubs come in different shapes they deliver a spa-like setting.

    In addition to acrylic bathtubs liners being a popular option, acrylic bathroom shower remodels are also common in Phoenix. A new acrylic bathtub or bathroom shower remodels can help you to completely remodel your bathroom and give your bathroom a new look.

    Here are a few tips and steps to keep in mind during acrylic bathtub installation or bathroom shower remodels:

    - Measurements should be made prior to acrylic bath installation. Most acrylic bathtubs come in a standard size but there are a few varieties of acrylic bathtubs that come in unique sizes. So it is advisable to carefully measure before your acrylic bath installation.

    - Take the floor of your bathroom into consideration. If you are considering moving forward with an acrylic bath installation in the same place as your previous bathtub, consider your flooring, as it plays a vital role. Examine the floor where your previous bathtub was to ensure it has not suffered any water damage. If the floor is damaged due to water, it will not be leveled and may hinder the acrylic bath installation and may not sit correctly in place. You may have to replace your floorboards and joists with treated wood in order to prevent wet rot. You may use a spirit level to ensure that the bathroom floor is properly level and is supported.

    - Fit supports. Always remember that the acrylic bath installation is done in such a way that your acrylic bathtub is fitted and allows the water to run from it and flow down the drain. So ensure that while performing acrylic bath installation or bathroom shower remodels that you have correctly fit the support that comes with the acrylic bathtubs.

    - Addition of siding. Make it a point that the measurements of the siding for acrylic bath installations are in such a way that it enables it to fit smoothly and securely at the free side of the acrylic bathtub. The sidings must be fitted below the lip of the acrylic bathtub to prevent water from spilling below the tub and soaking the floor.

    - Final Touch. If you are interested in acrylic bath installation or bathroom shower remodels, in which the acrylic bathtub or shower is to be supported by a wall, then it is very crucial to seal the joint between the acrylic bathtub and the wall. After weighing down the tub by filling it with water, apply anti-fungal sealant along every edge so that any water ingressis is prevented. This same process can be used to seal the joins where the siding meets the wall. And make sure you leave the sealant to dry for at least for 24 hours before using your new acrylic bathtub.
    Jan 23, 2017
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