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  • [Top 10] Do's and Don'ts for a Shower Remodel

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    Replacing a shower or remodeling a shower is hard work and not something that you should rush into. Below are some simple tips to help you get the most out of your shower replacement in Phoenix, or remodeling a shower. Read through them and then proceed with the project with care. That’s the best way to end up with results that you really love.

    1. Do Ask About Maintenance

    Whenever you look at showers in Phoenix for a remodel, make sure you ask about the maintenance requirements of the material. You want to get a finished shower that’s easy to clean and doesn’t require much work to keep it in good shape over time.

    2. Do Make Sure the Work is Completed by a Quality Company

    Whether you are talking about the shower installation in Phoenix, a shower replacement in Phoenix,  make sure that you pay for a quality company to do the work. Spend a bit more for a high-quality contractor and you’ll end up with more reliable results in the end.

    3. Do Plan to Spend More than Budgeted

    You’ll almost always spend more than you plan on spending, so save up more money than you think you need just in case. The money you have will go towards more than just showers in Phoenix, and with a bit of cushion in your budget you can change your mind and get better results in the end.

    shower installation phoenix

    4. Do Choose an Affordable Solution

    The last thing you want to do is a full shower replacement in Phoenix. Talk with experts about the best way to enhance your shower quality and go with the affordable solution.

    5. Do Consider all the Options

    Whether you are just going full shower replacement, make sure you consider all the options available. Ask what every option is and then talk through your options to figure out what you want to be finished. If you don’t consider every option, you are limiting yourself and might miss a better solution.

    6. Don’t Replace What you Can Refinish

    Most of the time it doesn’t make sense to go through a shower replacement in Phoenix if you just want to enhance the look of your shower or make it functional again.

    7. Don’t Start without a Plan

    Never get going with any sort of shower remodel without first planning out what you are doing. Talk with experts on shower replacement in Phoenix about what you should do, and plan out every detail before they begin working so you know what you are getting.

    8. Don’t Go with a Solution You Don’t Like

    You would be amazed at how many people go with a solution they don’t love because their contractor talked them into it. Ask yourself if you like a solution or not and only go with the options that you really like because you have to live with it, not them.

    9. Don’t Do the Work Yourself

    It’s tempting to think that you can complete a replacement for showers in Phoenix, but the work is more difficult than you think. Instead of damaging your shower and maybe having to spend the money for a shower replacement in Phoenix, just hire professionals to do the work initially and enjoy the finished results in the end.

    10. Don’t Move Plumbing or Ventilation

    Never move plumbing or ventilation if you can help it when remodeling the shower in your bathroom. Shower replacement in Phoenix should be in the same location when finished. This is the most affordable way to do things and can save you hundreds or thousands in the end.
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