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  • Tub to Shower Conversion – Safety, Beauty in Style and Design

    tub to shower conversion
    A lot of people consider tub to shower conversion Phoenix in their bathrooms for a variety of reasons. If you are considering it, here are a few reasons why you should probably go ahead with it. First of all, it is important to know that you do not have to remodel or change the entire bathroom. Just having a shower remodeling in Phoenix is entirely possible.

    Having a tub means a whole lot more maintenance. Getting a shower tub conversion would mean having to do a lot less in order to make sure that your bathroom is in top shape. Using showers Phoenix will make sure that your shower area never leaks. The showers in Phoenix that you choose can be of a any kind that suits your needs. Shower remodeling in Phoenix should also be considered because the amount of water that is consumed in a bathtub as opposed to a shower is astronomically higher. If you are concerned about the environment and also want to cut down on your water bill, then you should get a tub to shower conversion done.

    If you hire a professional team, it will be done within no time. Your tub to shower conversion will look perfect. A tub to shower conversion is very functional, not to forget extremely safe for people unsteady on their feet. When going for a shower remodeling in Phoenix, there are many things that you can consider that will entirely change the look of your bathroom. Showers in Phoenix come in sizes that are made to fit and you can choose one that is durable, fits your price range and comes in a color that coordinates with the theme of the bathroom.

    Before calling someone to do the job for you, research as to what suits your needs best. You have many options for a tub to shower conversion. Keep in mind your budget and the look that you are going for. It may seem like an easy task, but it is recommended to have a professional help you with it. Using unique showers in Phoenix will help you in maintaining the shower easily, since it does not allow mold to form and you will not be faced with leak issues. If you have felt that the tub takes up too much space, then you can change that by getting a tub to shower conversion in phoenix and customize the size of your shower to fit your needs. Not only that, but if you have had the same look of your bathroom for too long and want to give it a facelift then the best call would be to get a tub to shower conversion to switch it up a little. It works out best for everyone since it is a quick job, easy maintenance, and will look great, too.

    shower remodeling phoenix

    Benefits of a Tub to Shower Conversion

    A tub to shower conversion in Phoenix is a trend in the U.S. More homeowners prefer showers since it provides more space than having to use a bathtub.

    So if you’re planning bathtubs remodeling in Phoenix, here are some benefits that you will enjoy:

    1. Ease of access

    During the shower installation in Phoenix, your bathroom will have an obstacle-free entry. This will be convenient for kids and adults with mobility issues. Instead of lifting a foot, you can go directly to the shower area.

    2. Improved safety

    Instead of bathtub installation Phoenix, you can opt for shower remodeling Phoenix instead. Older people no longer have to climb into a tub. You can also install showers in Phoenix if glass doors can be a falling risk.

    3. Added comfort

    A tub to shower conversion will add value to your home and save you time, money, and water in the long run. Converting your tub space into a spacious walk-in shower not only brings you peace of mind, but it gives a beautiful and more sophisticated look to your bathroom.

    bathroom remodeling phoenix

    4. More floor space

    By skipping the walk-in tubs in Phoenix, AZ, you can have more space inside your bathroom. Small baths will benefit the most in this bathroom remodeling in Phoenix. A shower door installation will also add more style.

    5. Lots of style options

    During a bathroom remodel in Phoenix, you can choose a style that suits your home. You can also opt for customized shower door installation in Phoenix.

    Bathroom shower remodels will transform your bath into an oasis of relaxation. Call Bath Planet Arizona and we will do the job for you.
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