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  • [Upgrade Your Bathroom] with Shower Conversions in Phoenix

    shower remodeling phoenix
    Whether you plan to remodel your bathroom or upgrade few parts of it, renovating allows you enjoy your bath in different way. Renovation can promote safer bathing or modernize your bathroom. It can definitely improve your quality of life and increase the resale value of your home.

    In Phoenix, bathroom remodelers are ready to solve your issues by providing different types of services such as whole bathroom remodels, tub and shower remodels, tub to shower conversion, safety bathrooms, and more.

    Some people prefer the convenience of showering, so tub to shower conversion Phoenix makes sense for their renovation project. Others want the luxury of a tranquil bathing experience. Bathroom shower remodels Phoenix can give their bathrooms a while new look for less.

    Bathroom design can improve accessibility for seniors and people with physical challenges. These renovations walk-in showers and tubs, folding seats and handheld shower sprayers. Shower conversion can provide the easiest and simplest way to bathe, and the project will not take more than 24 hours. The process of shower conversion is very effective and offers optimal safety.

    Generally, shower remodeling will cost and it can go up from there depending upon your chosen material and design. In Phoenix, many bathroom remodeling companies can perform this work for you. Some provide 50 percent discounts for retirees on installation of shower conversion. They even provide a few do-it-yourself kits, which allow you to convert a tub into a safety shower.

    With tub to shower conversion Phoenix you can improve your bath's beauty and safety with bathroom shower remodels.

    Top 10 Benefits of a Tub to Shower Conversion

    Converting your tub into a shower tub won’t just add functionality in your bathroom, it will also provide convenience. Here are some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy:

    walk in tubs Phoenix

    1. More floor space

    Your tub eats a lot space in your bathroom. By tearing up its restricting walls during a bathroom remodel Phoenix, you can enjoy more space to move and bathe. This is true even for walk in tubs Phoenix that has a swinging door.

    2. Easy entry

    If you opt for bathroom remodeling Phoenix, a tub to shower conversion will allow you to easily enter the area for a bath. For seniors with mobility issues, walk in tubs Phoenix, AZ or shower conversion will be an ideal choice.

    3. Addition of sliding doors

    Shower curtains of unique bath installation are messy and a slip hazard for many. By installing sliding doors, you can skip the hassle. It will also make your bath look good together with shower Phoenix. This is better than bathtubs in Phoenix, AZ.

    4. It keeps up with your kids’ growth

    When your kids grow older, bathtubs can feel boxy and restricting. This is true even for custom made bathtubs. So the next time you schedule bathtub remodeling Phoenix, consider turning the spot into a shower. A shower tub conversion will give your kids more space to move.

    5. Safety

    A tub rail is the root cause of many falling accidents at home. Climbing into it exposes a person to slipping or falling. But with a shower remodeling Phoenix, you can now convert your tub into a shower that’s easier to get into.

    shower replacement Phoenix

    6. Additional sitting area

    After the conversion and shower replacement Phoenix, you can now place a seat inside your shower. Some homeowners will ask for sitting area to be added during shower installation Phoenix. This adds functionality and convenience for you.

    7. Low maintenance

    Unlike tubs that can get soiled and faded, a shower tub conversion will spare you from all the scrubbing. There would be deep-seated scum or intense mold buildup. A handheld shower is actually easier to use and clean too.

    8. Reduced water usage

    Most users will fill the tub only inches shy from the brim. This is a big waste of water which can be reduced if you carry out a bathroom remodel Phoenix that includes a tub to shower conversion. Just to give you an idea, a 5-minute shower only uses 12 gallons in contrast to 25 to 40 gallons when using a tub.

    9. Cleaner look

    If you want a minimalist and clean look for your bath, a tub to shower conversion is the answer. Bath experts can use glass walls that will add a sleek look on your bathroom.

    10. Increased home value

    For those who are planning to sell their house, a bathroom remodeling Phoenix will help increase its market value. A tub to shower conversion will surely attract more buyers instead of an old, worn-out tub.

    Converting your tub to a shower will make your bath time more rewarding. It’s just a little investment that can go a long way for your family.

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