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  • Walk In Tubs - Perfect Gift For Elderly Family Members

    At some point, virtually every bathroom needs to be remodeled. For a lot of people, the need arises because getting older is inevitable, and once we grow old, we develop mobility problems. It becomes tougher to get around the house, particularly in the bathroom. This is the main reason why many people get walk in bathtubs installed.

    Walk in bathtubs in Phoenix provide safety for the elderly by taking out the need to climb into a bathtub. Creating a better bath experience not only gives the people using the bathtub a sense of security, but also gives that sense of security to their family.A few more advantages of walk in bathtubs in Phoenix are:

    1. Walk in bathtubs make the bathing experience safer for senior citizens and physically disabled people. This is because there is a door installed on the side so that they can walk in instead of having to risk climbing in.

    2. The design of walk in bathtubs in Phoenix are tailored toward preventing slip and fall injuries. The presence of handrails, seats and the textured pads help people stay upright in the bathtub. Another feature of walk in bathtubs is its ability to drain quickly. This reduces the likelihood of someone slipping and falling.

    3. A walk in bathtub can also provide hydrotherapy. A lot of these tubs have jets installed into the walls to provide a soothing experience for your muscles. It is like having a spa in your bathroom.

    If you have elderly parents and are concerned about them going to the bathroom, a walk in bathtub can be the answer to all your concerns. Walk in bathtubs in Phoenix are in high demand because people want to know that their loved ones are safe. Give us a call today if you are looking to have a walk in bathtub installed.
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