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There is nothing more pleasurable than having a long, hot, relaxing bath on a cold winter evening. It's also one of the best ways to unwind after a long stressful day and a convenient way to relieve those bodily aches and pains. Sadly, for millions of Americans with mobility problems, getting inside a tub can be a dangerous ordeal. Bath Planet Arizona's solution... a convenient, reliable, and comfortable walk-in tub. Now you can enjoy that soothing bath on your own with great comfort and safety!

High-Quality Walk-In Tubs Phoenix from Bath Planet Arizona

Our easy to use walk-in bathtubs offer an array of safety features to guarantee a safe bathing experience. So you can start soaking your body inside the tub, simply open the tub door and that's it! And with a heated air system applied to the water, you can keep your body warm and nice as you enjoy a soothing bath. With plenty of additional features like grab bars and built-in seating, you can get your bathing independence back with ease.

What's more, we feature a wide array of walk-in bathtubs that are ideal for any bathroom design and can fit in nicely with your existing bathtub or shower. Our bathtubs are built to last a lifetime of use with very minimal maintenance involved. Its non-porous material makes it impervious to dirt and grime build up and highly resistant to mold and mildew. This means that you will be enjoying a clean and healthy bathing environment the moment you get in one of our walk-in tubs!

A report from the National Safety Council reveals a shocking fact: one person dies every single day from slip and falls in the bathroom in the United States alone. Purchasing a good walk-in tub will not only provide therapeutic luxury to your bathroom but also a safety feature for the elderly and those who have movement concerns who wish to enjoy the comfort of their home for many years to come.
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World Class Bathroom Remodeling Phoenix services from Bath Planet Arizona

Bath Planet Arizona can turn your bathroom from dull to extraordinary quicker, easier and a whole lot cheaper than you ever expected. We have an extensive array of solutions that are ideal for your bathroom remodeling needs such as unique bath and shower systems, replacement bathtubs, wall surrounds, and cutting-edge accessibility options. What's more, when you decide to choose us for your walk-in tub needs, you can expect to enjoy:

1. 100% Lifetime Warranty

Yes, what you read is right! Every walk-in tub from Bath Planet Arizona comes with a 100% Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty. There are walk-in bathtub companies that offer 1-5 year warranty, but it's normally not on every component and usually the only thing that they provide warranty on is the shell. What's more, Bath Planet Arizona will not force you to dismantle and send your tub to the factory for repairs because we will always come to you when there are problems and concerns in your unit. We only make use of the highest quality parts and materials that are made and manufactured in the USA to ensure that our walk-in bath units perform for life.

2. Made in the USA!

Walk-in tubs from Bath Planet Arizona are 100% genuinely made in the USA. Plenty of other walk-in tubs in the market today are manufactured in China and other parts of Asia, then shipped to the US in various individual parts and components and then assembled with the claim of "made" in America. Every component and material on your new Bath Planet Arizona walk-in tub is made right here in the USA, and the walk-in tub is manufactured at our USA plants. Additionally, our walk-in tubs make use of some of the finest qualities and features in walk-in bathtub designs so what you get is a premium quality unit that is reliable and convenient for everyday use.

3. More than three decades of experience

Bath Planet Arizona is a company composed of professionals and experts who have numerous years of experience in the walk-in tub industry. We have witnessed poor product quality, dubious selling techniques and gimmicks after the sale service that is abundant in the market today. We made sure that such bad practices stop at Bath Planet Arizona. With our extensive experience, undying commitment to quality, top-notch customer service and affordability, we are proud to have offered reliable walk-in tub products and installation services to thousands of people in Arizona! And unlike many of our competitors, there is no need for an in-home interview to get tailored quotes. If you wish for one, though, we can easily offer you one for FREE!
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The Benefits of walk-in tubs Phoenix, AZ from Bath Planet Arizona

There are plenty of people who inquire about our walk-in tubs with the belief that it's a product purely for senior citizen use. Nothing can be far from the truth, however, as a lot of other people can also benefit from these convenient bathing products as well. Because Bath Planet Arizona's walk-in tubs help you sit in a warm and soothing tub, it can also aid people with circulation issues, diabetes, back pain, joint aches, sports injuries and many more.

Our walk-in tubs are ideal for people with painful arthritis, stress, fatigue and other disabling conditions. So if you're looking for a walk-in bathtub that provides plenty of health benefits, our products can be the perfect solution to help you get your independence back. 

Bath Planet Arizona's walk-in bathtubs are also standard sized tubs designed to replace your conventional bathtub.

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1. Long-lasting and can withstand daily wear and tear

Because our walk-in tubs are unique and the thickest you can find anywhere in the market today, it means that most of the material is covered in strong and durable without the need for a gel coating to keep it glossy. If you have Corian or similar countertops in your home, then you know how solid the surface material is.

Not a single mildew, mold, or bacteria can slip through our non-porous tubs which means you enjoy a clean, healthy, and hygienic bathing experience as much as you want. With its extremely solid surface, dirt and stains won't build around your tub and its glossy finish will last for many years. It will not fade or dull over time as the color is all the way through the material, not just on the surface.

With gel-coated fiberglass, the gel coat will wear out leaving the pores and fibers of the fiberglass completely exposed to the outside elements. And once the pores and fibers are exposed, it becomes a haven for bacteria, mold and mildew and grime and soap scum can get trapped on the surface which causes its rapid decline.

Applying a gel coat is similar to having paint sprayed onto the fiberglass to cover its vulnerable surface. It wears off over time which is why it fades and wears and becomes even harder to keep clean. All of these things are not present in our long-lasting and extremely resilient unique walk-in tubs!

2. Very low maintenance

Your walk-in tubs from Bath Planet Arizona are designed to offer plenty of years of enjoyment and relaxation. It provides numerous features to help you bath safely on your own without any help from anyone. What's more, your walk-in tub provides tremendous therapeutic value and luxury. But aside from that, because your walk-in tub is built from the thickest unique material in the industry, very low maintenance is needed in enjoying reliable years of service. Bath Planet Arizona carefully tests and inspects every walk-in tub before it leaves one of our American plants, with a particular eye toward your safety, satisfaction and peace of mind!

But cleaning your tub is important to keep it in top-notch condition all the time. However, very little work is needed to maintain its glossy look and finish and it will only involve these easy steps:

- Simply clean the tub's fixtures and surfaces regularly and you can enjoy a luxurious bath for as long as you can.
- Cleaning your walk-in tub will not require the use of wire brushes, steel wool or other abrasives. A simple wipe from a damp cloth or towel with a mild cleaning solution will do the trick!
- Epsom Salts will not harm your tub when used in moderation.
- The electrical components of your tub require zero maintenance.

And if ever you encounter any problems and issues with your walk-in tub, simply call us and one of our experts will come to your home without much delay. We value your time and energy that's why all you need is a simple phone call and all your concerns will be dealt with immediately!
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Convenient and pleasurable Walk in Tubs Phoenix

Bath Planet Arizona offers homeowners all over Arizona with a simple solution that combines industry-leading safety and quality with our years of expertise in the bathroom remodeling industry: the Bath Planet Arizona unique walk-in tub. Our unique tubs can transform your bathing experience into a pain and stress relieving one, keeping you safe and protecting your independence.

Imagine yourself enjoying a warm bath after a long stressful day without ever facing the difficulty of stepping over dangerous tub ledges. And no need to balance on one leg with nothing to hold on to as well. Simply take a low, safe step into your own personal walk-in tub experience through the 100% leak-proof door. Rely on the grab bars and tall, robust tub walls to comfortably rest yourself on the convenient, raised seat.

Bath Planet Arizona's walk-in tub doors work like heightened tub walls, allowing you to relish neck-deep immersion and similar full-body soak with a natural hot spring or traditional hot tub. It's in-line water heater, meanwhile, keeps the same warm and cozy water temperature for as long as you want to soak.

Bathroom Remodel Phoenix with Bath Planet Arizona

Bath Planet Arizona offers the most expansive line of top-of-the-line unique bathroom solutions to guarantee your bathroom remodeling needs and desires are completed on time and on budget. As a matter of fact, we can turn your old and uncomfy bathroom into a beautiful and relaxing one in just a single day! If you want a free consultation, simply call 602-461-8683 today!

With Bath Planet Arizona, we have the perfect solution for any bathroom style and design for any budget. For the elderly and those with limited mobility, our assortment of handicap accessible solutions is second to none.

From walk-in tubs and tub-to-shower conversions to step-through inserts and barrier-free shower bases, Bath Planet Arizona will ensure that you or a loved one is genuinely safe and can confidently regain their bathing independence.

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