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  • What Is A Walk-in Bathtub?

    Walk in Tubs Phoenix AZ
    Imagine having a big family consisting of young and old people. When elderly people enter a bathroom, we have to be careful about them, as some mishap could occur. If you are facing such problems, there is a safe solution to this called walk-in bathtubs. If you don't have a walk-in bathtub in your bathroom and your parents live with you, then you should consider going through bathroom remodeling to have a walk-in bathtub installed.

    Traditional bathtubs often present a risky situation for aging seniors or people with mobility issues. If you have a traditional bathtub, look into walk-in bathtubs in Arizona. Walk-in bathtubs allow seniors to bathe without having to worry about slipping and falling.

    Walk-in bathtubs in Arizona typically have doors that open from the side. These walk-in bathtub doors are designed in such a way that it gives people the ability to enter the tub without having to lift their legs over the threshold. The main feature of these walk-in bathtub doors is that they are sealed, which means the water stays in the tub and doesn't get all over the floor. Fast draining capabilities are included with many of these walk-in bathtubs in Phoenix.

    Here are few advantages of walk-in bathtubs in Arizona.

    1. Walk-in bathtubs in Phoenix make the bathing experience very easy and safer for seniors and people with mobility issues. This is because of the door present in the walk-in bathtub.

    2. The complete design of walk-in bathtubs in Phoenix prevents slip and fall injuries due to the presence of handrails, seats and textured pads. These features keep the person taking a bath above the surface of the water.

    3. Another striking feature of walk-in bathtubs in Phoenix is the ability to drain quickly. This allows people to get out of the tub quickly when they are finished bathing.

    4. In walk-in bathtubs, there are hand rails that contribute to the safety of the elderly people and people with disabilities. Also, walk-in bathtubs come with anti-slip surfaces which make it easier to keep your balance.

    5. Walk-in bathtubs in Phoenix come with jets that provide hydrotherapy, which helps in relieving pain and makes it seem like a spa.

    Installation of high-quality walk-in bathtubs in Arizona requires a professional. It's because these walk-in tubs have a variety of adjustable features like jets, handrails, and walk-in bathtub doors.

    Walk in Tubs Phoenix

    7 Safety Benefits of Walk-In Tubs

    If you’re thinking of paying for a bathroom remodel Phoenix, there are some safety benefits that you’ll get from walk-in tubs Phoenix.

    1. No slipping
    A bathroom remodeling Phoenix with walk-in tubs cuts the risk of slipping or falling when entering the tub. Since walk-in tubs Phoenix, AZ has doors, there’s no need for seniors and mobility-challenged individuals to compromise their balance.

    2. Reducing the risk of falling
    The manner of entering a regular tub poses a risk of falling. Experts found that many fall incidents happen inside the bathroom. A walk-in, unique bath installation can combat this risk while providing more functionality inside your bathroom.

    3. Better hygiene
    Those who have issues with mobility will face difficulty keeping up with their hygiene needs. Walk-in bathtubs in Phoenix, AZ can help make bath time easier which will reduce the risk of skin irritations and hygiene problems.

    4. Ideal for limited mobility
    For seniors and injured individuals, custom made bathtubs like walk-in types are great in preventing falls and slips. It’s also effortless to get into using the swinging the door. On your next bathtubs remodeling Phoenix, consider investing in a walk-in tub for added safety.

    5. Heaters to prevent burns
    A shower tub conversion to a walk-in tub usually comes with heaters. This way, you can control the temperature to prevent burns and scalds. If you have a scheduled, shower remodeling Phoenix consider a walk-in tub.

    6. Additional handrails
    Shower replacement Phoenix wouldn’t be enough in improving your safety. With a full walk-in tub installation, there would be handrails that you can use to keep your head above the water. Those with mobility issues will find this as a lifesaver.

    7. No need for a sliding shower door
    Doors and showers in Phoenix can be risky for seniors and people with mobility issues. During shower installation Phoenix, the tub can also be converted into a shower. This way, users no longer have to go in and out of the tub just to take a shower.

    Shower Replacement Phoenix

    3 Reasons Walk-In Tubs Are Better Than Regular Bathtubs

    Wondering why walk-in tubs are better? Here are some reasons why:

    1. It’s a shower too
    A shower tub with a walk-in construction is better than regular tubs. It saves more space, especially for small bathrooms but without removing any functionality. This adds safety and value for money for homeowners.

    2. Works for seniors and youngsters.
    Many households who have senior members face the dilemma of safety inside the bathroom. But with walk-in tubs Phoenix, both seniors and children will enjoy the safety. They no longer have to go through the obstacle of hopping into a regular tub.

    3. Can be used for relaxation and recovery
    For those with injuries, a walk-in tub can be equipped with heaters and massage features to help in their recovery. It will boost circulation that will help in the rehabilitation of the damaged cells. Also, walk-in tubs can be used for hydrotherapy that can ease stress and tension.

    A bathroom remodel Phoenix can transform your tub into a more functional asset in your home. Call Bath Planet Arizona now and we will deliver all your bathroom needs.
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