Why Bath Planet?

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A perfect bathroom shouldn’t only be just for your daily shower. If you’re looking for a nice bathroom remodel in Phoenix, Bath Planet is your solution. We make custom made bathtubs that work like a spa in the comfort of your own home. We also make walk-in tubs in Phoenix for customers with limited mobility.

Bathroom Shower Remodels

Bath Planet has made thousands of homeowners happy by transforming ordinary bathrooms into a more spa-like experience. Whether you need a new tub, shower liner, and a walk-in tub, we can install them in as fast as one day. You can even customize all of our bath and shower options to suit your needs.
For a more convenient and comfortable bathing experience, we provide a wide range of safety accessories. If you have any questions, you may ask our professional installers. We aim to create bathroom remodeling easy so you can achieve that dream bathroom you always want in as fast as one day.

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Years of Experience

Why Bath Planet? Simple- 30 years of bathroom remodeling experience serving in the Phoenix area. We know how it can be hard to choose the best products with all the many bath and shower options available out there. That’s why you can bet on our word when we say we’ll do something.

Our shower installation experts have long years of experience serving the Arizona residents choose the proper shower to tub system to suit their needs and budget. Bath Planet’s long experience has seen it all from offering professional installation to remodeling services. There’s no tub conversion or shower system too small or big.

In Bath Planet’s years of experience, we’ve earned a reputation for providing stylish, cost-effective, and low-maintenance bath renovations to homeowners in Phoenix. Also, we cater to commercial customers and those with accessibility needs. The company was made to meet the needs of customers who were dissatisfied with the workmanship available in the area.

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Reliable Products

What separates Bath Planet from other bath and shower options is reliability. You can depend on them to do it right at the right time and budget. The bath and shower products are easy to clean for your convenience and are very durable to withstand the test of time. Several bath and shower products include:
Bath liners
Bath wall surrounds
Shower bases
Shower liners

We also offer a range of handicap accessible options to suit for people of all ages. These accessible options include a barrier-free shower, step-through insert, and walk-in tub, These accessible options are also easier and safer to use.

If you infrequently use your tub, you can transform it into an extra-large shower that looks good and simpler to access. To turn your bathroom into a shower-tub design, Bath Planet simply takes out the bathtub and replace the tub surround with a beautiful, study extra-large shower.

For finishing touches, Bath Planet offers a wide range of stylish accessories including soap dishes, faucets, and wainscoting. You can change the feel of your bathroom without any construction by using a Bath Fitter shower replacement. All acrylic shower bases are specifically made to fit your present shower base.

Safe Bath Solutions

It can be really challenging to climb into a bathtub if it’s slippery and if you have limited mobility. For safety, Bath Planet offers a walk-in tub. The benefits of using a walk-in tub include the following:
Fit in the similar space as your present shower or bathtub
Durable and can endure constant use
Made of the thickest acrylic material in the industry
Extremely low maintenance

Walk in Bathtubs in Phoenix
Bath Planet carries a variety of walk-in bathtubs to suit your needs and circumstances. The bathtubs are made to be durable and can withstand the test of time. They’re crafted from non-porous material that prevents the accumulation of dirt and grime.

Our easy-access bathtubs offer many safety features, such as grab bars and built-in seating. All these safety features allow anyone with limited mobility to gain their independence back.

Unlike the traditional tub designs, the walk-in tubs only need you to open the tub door to get in. This is safer because you don’t have to lift your feet and you prevent from accidental slips. The water is infused into the heated air system to keep your bath warm.

Great Customer Service

Bath Planet takes pride in our great customer service. You can ask us any questions to any of our company representatives so you can feel confident about your decision. We can help you understand all the available options and the custom designs that might suit your needs and budget.

When you contact Bath Planet, a company representative will answer you courteously.

There is no commitment and risk if you set an appointment for a free consultation. The professional installers will go to your home to evaluate your bathroom and quote you the price. From there, you can decide whether you go with our services or not.

Customer service is prioritized by Bath Planet because it builds trust. People nowadays remain loyal to a company if they have a good reason. If not, they could always move to another bathroom remodeling service provider given the level of competition in the market.

For this reason, Bath Planet works hard to serve the best customer service to increase trust and keep customers. More than the price, customers are willing to pay for a great experience.

Shower Installation Experts

Expert Installations

Another competitive advantage of Bath Planet is our expert installations. You can depend on them to offer you with all of your bathroom remodeling needs. Iyr shower installation experts have helped Arizona residents choose the proper shower to tub system to suit their needs.

The installation professionals are licensed to install shower systems and bathtub conversions. Here are some of our installation tasks:
Assess the original tub
Removes the faucet and tub
Install the shower base
Repair and install the wall
Install the shower door
Check the final product

Our team of expert installers is trained and experienced in offering homeowners like you a fast and affordable remodel service that you deserve. The installers are so competent and nice that the remodel process becomes fast and fun. We take accurate measurements using specially made Bath Fitter tools that ensure a perfect fit for any bathroom.

Earned The Good Housekeeping Seal

All our acrylic bath and shower products have earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal. The Seal is considered as the most credible and widely-recognized consumer symbols in the US. We earned the seal through an evaluation by the experts at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute.

Bath Planet is exceedingly proud of this honor because the experts at Good Housekeeping trust our products the same as we do. Now, what does this mean?
It means that Seal will provide a two-year limited warranty so whenever you’re not satisfied with the products and service, you can ask for a replacement or a refund.

Good Housekeeping
In a marketplace filled with products that create a lot of claims, Good Housekeeping Seal provides the consumers the guide to make smart purchases. As compared to other labels and certifications, the Seal offers a limited a 2-year limited warranty to financially protect the consumers.

Bath Planet earns the Seal because we strictly test and evaluate our products. We also use a variety of high-quality materials, such as acrylic, cast polymer, cultured marble, and enameled cast iron and steel.

Acrylic is durable and resistant to abrasion while cast polymer is ideal for those looking for a darker bathtub. For a classic look, choose enameled cast iron and steel. Cultured marble, on the other hand, looks elegant but it needs a lot of maintenance.

Lifetime Warranty

On top of the two-year limited warranty offered by the Good Housekeeping Seal, Bath Planet also gives its consumers an exclusive lifetime warranty. It warrants that all its products will be free of defects for as long as the residential consumer owns the property where the product was installed. If you’re a non-residential/commercial customer, the warranty will only last for five years.

This warranty doesn’t include any warranty for claims associated with the installation of products. It only covers product defects. It also excludes any accessories not manufactured by Bath Planet including shower heads, faucets, and doors.
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