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  • Why should you let us do [shower door installation] for you?

    shower liners phoenix
    The most preferred option for giving your bathroom a facelift is to remodel your shower or go through shower door installation. Although it can be a difficult task, it can be an attractive choice. From drilling walls to applying poly waterproof canvas to the floors and walls, bathroom remodels can be messy and challenging. But a contractor from Bath Planet Arizona can make it easier and worthwhile.

    The team at Bath Planet Arizona can help you eliminate issues you are running into during shower door installation. We have been doing work for clients in Phoenix successfully for years. Shower door installation doesn't need to be a hassle. We provide quality service at a reasonable rate. Bath Planet Arizona specializes in bathroom remodeling services, including shower door installation, bathtubs, vanities, flooring, toilets and more.

    Bath Planet Arizona remodels more than 500 bathrooms each year with a stellar track record in customer satisfaction. We make use of our employees rather than relying on sub-contractors. We also assure you of long-term warranties for any product we install in your home. Our employees are licensed, bonded, and insured.

    Our experts suggest that a tub to shower conversion is the best way to creating a safer and more user-friendly home, especially if you have kids and elderly living with you. Regardless of your home decor, lifestyle, needs, and budget, Bath Planet Arizona will create the perfect shower for your use.

    shower door installation Phoenix

    There are many product lines to choose from, therefore creating endless design options. All of this is minutely scrutinized for safety, ease of access and durability by our experts. For customers who require a more comfortable and accessible shower or tub, we offer a large selection of walk-in bath tubs and barrier-free shower pans. 

    You can get a free consultation from our experts on the kind of tubs, showers, and shower doors that fit your needs. All you need to do is call them at 602-883-1962 to set up an appointment.

    We offer complete shower solutions

    For more than 30 years, we have remodeled and revamped bathrooms all over Arizona. Our shower solutions have been lauded for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. As we know that every household renovation is an investment, we never resort to guesswork. Our installers are skilled and precise when it comes to their job.

    Plenty of shower accessories

    We simply don’t just install your shower and take it from there. Our team ensures that your bathroom will have added functionality by utilizing various accessories. One of our specializations is the shower liner.

    These are waterproof layers installed in your shower area to cover the walls, floor, or even your shower tub. It looks like a shower pan at the bottom which is 100% watertight to prevent leaks and formation of molds beneath. It also covers ugly walls, giving your bathroom a clean look. We provide custom made shower liners as part of our shower remodeling Phoenix services.

    Budget-friendly remodeling

    As a bespoke contractor for shower door installation Phoenix, we always perform our remodeling services within our client’s budget. Despite that, we never compromise the quality of work. In fact, we can finish the shower remodeling in just one day so you can use your bathroom right away.

    Everything will be done seamlessly and you’ll want for nothing once the remodeling is done.

    Topnotch materials

    From the shower head to little accessories, we offer only the best in the industry. We can provide you with a unique shower head for a rain-like feeling while you bathe. Although nothing is cheap in quality construction, we ensure that the pricing will be competitive even for humble households.

    Bath Planet Arizona will see to it that your bathroom will look good for long. Each of our products has the Good Housekeeping Seal with a two-year limited warranty. But on top of that, we also offer an exclusive lifetime warranty on residential installations.

    shower remodeling Phoenix

    Transparent installation

    Our installers never resort to gimmicks when doing shower remodeling Phoenix. We always let you know of what happens inside your bathroom including the process and materials used. Once all the parts are installed, we will perform a comprehensive product check to see if it works optimally. Glitches will be fixed right away.

    Also, we don’t just focus on the shower head and shower door installation Phoenix. We offer a holistic approach to bathroom services. We will also perform wall repairs to complement your new shower. Once everything is done, you’ll have all the right reasons to bathe multiple times a day.

    Trust the professionals

    Our shower door installation Phoenix among other services is done with precision and proper tools. We only send the best installers on your home who have the knowledge and expertise for the job. Instead of doing DIY repairs and installations, letting the pros do it for you will save you time, money, and resources.

    We value the safety of our clients so we will also guide you with your purchasing decisions if you wish so. Once the installations are finished, you’ll be satisfied with the results.
    Mar 05, 2019
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